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Power Rangers Unlimited


Jeffrey Parrazo Interview

April 13th, 2005

If you weren't an actor, what would you be?

, I would be racing Porsches...

You had a complex role as Trent, going from an average civilian to evil villain

then being a part of the team. Which one of these
stages d
id you like
ortraying the best?

The most fun I had was playing evil Trent
. I was sad when they wanted me to
play him so nice in the start...
but I think it turned out well. I
did not want to play
him in a typical fashion...

Did you get any points from Jason David Frank
, who also once played a
certain evil Ranger, in your performance as the evil Trent?

Jason David Frank helped me in understanding the ideas of the show. He was
really cool to work with...

Did you wish that you had more episodes devoted to the evil White Ranger

I did want more shows w
here I played evil White, but Disney would not have it...
's too bad considering all the Japanese

Were you disappointed that the Trent/Kira relationship got dropped?

I was a little sad by it
, but that'
s what Disney wanted...

Did you enjoy appearing in "Dino Thunder"?

"Dino Thunder" has been a very interesting roller coaster. I loved filming in
, New Zealand and it was fun working with the cast on "DT"

How was it on the set when you guys weren't filming?

I wouldn
't know since I'm not on set when I'm not filming. LOL...

How was it working with the "Ninja Storm" cast?

"Ninja Storm" cast was amazing. Very good energy. I got along well with all
of them
. Lots of nights out partying, LOL.
I still talk to a few of them...

Did you ever wear the White Ranger suit?

I got to wear the suit a few times for
"green screen" purposes...

What was it like working with Jason David Frank?

Jason is F****** cool
, man. Thats all I'll say. We still keep in touch...

Did you watch "Power Rangers" before you auditioned?

I never did
, to be honest. I didn't think the show was still on. Boy, was I wrong...

Whats your birth date and birthplace?

March 29
, 1978. Born in Toronto...

Are you dating at the minute?

. LOL. Possibly not...

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Still trying to figure that out myself...

Which of the actors on "PRDT" did you spend the most time with?

Me and Kevin
[Duhaney] (Blue Ranger) chilled out the most. He is an amazing
. We're from the same city. And Jason. W
e used to be the group on set,
ably 'cause were the North American
boys... at least while Jason was in
ew Zealand.

What is the worst / most embarrassing thing you did on the set?

There are to
o many to list... It gets out of control on those sets, man...

What was it like working on the film "Sugar"?

I enjoyed
"Sugar" for a lot of different reasons. I got to work with an amazing
, who was also my friend in "Andre Noble," who unfortunately
passed last
summer, and I got to work with Maury Chakin and Sarah Polley in a lot of
improved scenes...
bad they had been cut and shortened to the length on
inal cut...

o you have any future projects that are in the works that you can tell us

, I'm back in Toronto working with my friends "The Noble Players" on
some future projects... and trying to get this play
up and running in
Toronto with my fellow actor P
J Lazic. A
lso shooting a very funny short in about 2
which we hope to get into festivals around the country...

Many thanks for the interview, Jeff. We really appreciate it.

No prob
. Sorry for the delay. I just got back from shooting the team-up and I've
been trying to get up to speed with all things acting...