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Power Rangers Unlimited

Chase Into Space, Pt. 2

Power Rangers: Turbo- Finale
Chase Into Space, Pt. 2

Last time on Power Rangers: Turbo---

Mr. Stewart: “I found out that if I take this new job, I’ll have to leave Angel Grove.”

Justin: “I like Angel Grove, Dad.”

Goldgoyle destroys the Rescue Megazord the the Turbo Megazord.

Zordon: “Eltar is under attack. We have resisted their adances.”

Dimitria: “I will go to Eltar, with the Blue Centurion.”

TJ: “Goodbye, Dimitria.”

Elgar: “We found the Power Chamber. Divatox is gonna flip!”

Divatox: “We attack . . . now!”

The rangers run out of the Power Chamber and towards the hundreds of piranahtrons.

TJ: “Let’s get them, guys.”


Opening Credits Roll


The fight goes on, and Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster join the rangers. “The cavalry’s arrived,” TJ says.


“And just in time,” says Justin.

“Huh?” asks Divatox. “Oh, they’ve brought the cars, how pathetic. Finish them off.”

They fight for a while, but both vehicles are taken by the piranahtrons and captured. Elgar looks at Divatox. “Things are going pretty well, huh Aunty D? Aunty D? Huh? Huh?”


“It’s only a matter of time,” she says.

“Uh-huh.” He agrees.

The rangers are being forced back, closer and closer to the Power Chamber. “There’s just too many of them,” Justin says as more pirahnatrons run up. “We’ve got to get back inside the Power Chamber.”

The rangers reach the door and go in, but TJ continues fighting the pirahnatrons off. “Let’s go,” Cassie says. “Come on!”

“Hurry, TJ,” Carlos says.

TJ rolls inside as the door closes, and reaches for the lock. “Almost got it . . . security lock enable.” The door locks and the rangers run inside as the pirahnatrons reach the door.


Cut to the main room, where TJ asks Alpha, “Alpha, do we still have shields?”

“The shields are totally gone,” Alpha says. “I’m afraid it won’t be long before they break through.”


The other rangers are sitting on the step by the columns of light, and Cassie and Ashley put their arms around each other, touching heads. Carlos lies on the floor quietly. On the viewscreen, the pirahnatrons are bashing at the door, when suddenly they dissapears. Justin wanders to the screen. “They’re leaving?” Carlos gets up and comes over, standing beside him. “Pretty soon, they’ll all come back, won’t they?”



“You scared?” Carlos asks.

“Are you?” Justin asks him.

“Yeah,” says Carlos. “I am.”


“Me too,” he says.

Carlos tries to change the subject. “So Justin, about your dad. He got the new job, right?”

“Yeah, he did,” Justin says. “I’ve never seen him so happy. But he won’t take it. Not if it means I’d have to move, and leave my friends.”

“You have a great dad,” Carlos says.

On the viewscreen, Elgar appears. “Hurry up, you guys,” he says. The scene shifts to outside the Power Chamber, where the pirahnatrons stand with a battering ram.

“Teej,” Carlos says. Everyone runs to the screen, where it shows the pirahnatrons with the ram heading towards the door of the Power Chamber. The rangers all flinch when the ram hits the door.


Cut to outside again, where the battering continues. Another group of pirahnatrons have ropes with anchors on the ends, which they swing up and hook over the edge of the roof, then they start scaling the walls. After a few minutes, they reach the top.


Inside the rangers are trying to locate the source of the noises they hear. “Oh no,” Alpha says.

TJ runs over to him. “They’re on the roof!” On the screen, a group of drones are standing around the roof camera, and one smashes it with a hammer.


“Rangers,” Alpha says. “I may still be able to teleport you to safety.”

“We’re staying with you, Alpha,” TJ says.

Outside, the door finally caves in, and the army rushes into the Power Chamber. “Hey, nice place you got here,” Elgar says.

Back inside, Ashley says, “They’ve broken through the outer door.”

Hammers can be heard bashing at the inside doors, and pirahnatrons are trying to pry through them. TJ turns to Carlos. “You take that door. Cassie, with me.”

“Right,” she says. The rangers put their helmets on and prepare to meet them coming through the door.

“Be careful,” Ashley says.

“We’ve got to stand our ground,” TJ tells them.

“They won’t get by us,” says Carlos.


Suddenly, there is a loud crash and the lights go out. Sunlight streams in through the new holes in the roof, and debris and sparking conduits fall in. Pirahnatrons climb down ropes and into the chambers, and as the rangers turn, more rush in the doors they were guarding.

Justin tries fighting some in the center of the room, already flames are everywhere from the electrical systems. Ashley calls for her auto blaster and takes some on, but it gets knocked out of her hands and flies under a console.


Alpha stands beside Dimitria’s tube, trying to fight. Carlos knocks a pirahnatron out of his way. “Are you okay?” he asks.

“Yo, thanks Carlos,” Alpha replies. The base of the tube is flaming as TJ and Carlos both fight near it. “Yo, be careful, you guys,” Alpha says.

They fight intensely for a while longer, then Elgar walks in, looking around. He spots the tube. “Zordon and Dimitria’s plasma tube,” he says. “If I destroy it, then they can’t come back!” He laughs. “Love it!” He walks along the back edge of the Chamber, amidst the fighting, stepping over a pirahnatron. “’Scuse me. Kiss Dimitria goodbye, rangers.”

Elgar takes aim and throws his sledgehammer, hitting the tube and smashing it. Then he opens a case, where eight blinking devices lie. “Let’s blow this joint . . . up, that is!” He places the devices on the walls as the fighting continues. “It’s the end of the Power Rangers.” A bomb ticks in the corner.

Elgar joins Divatox outside, and they watch the Power Chamber, where smoke rises through the holes in the roof and walls. “Bye, bye, Rangers,” Divatox says. She waves, then presses the detonation device in her hands.

The Power Chamber explodes.


 Divatox and her forces are searching the Power Chamber for the rangers. “Where are they?” she asks.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are,” Elgar chants.

“Elgar,” Divatox says. “Are you positive they were inside when it blew?”

Elgar scratches his forehead. “I’m not sure.”

“What do you mean, you’re not sure?” she asks. “Either the rangers were destroyed, or they weren’t!”

“It was smoky,” he says. “I couldn’t see anything.”

Divatox points at him and Rygog. “Find them.”

“Right away,” Rygog says.


Cross to the pirahnatrons searching through the rubble, some coming dangerously close to finding TJ. He lies in hiding, helmetless, his uniform torn. But they are interupted by an explosion. A fireball surges around above the ruins, and forms a face in front of Divatox. All the evil persons run to join her.

“Nice entrance,” Divatox says. “Who are you?”

“I am the messenger form the Cimmerian Planet,” he says. “Zordon has been captured.”

“Ooooh,” she says.

“You, Divatox,” he continues. “Queen of Evil, will leave at once for the Cimmerian Planet.”

“Now?” she asks. Then she laughs. “I think not. You tell whoever sent you, congrats on capturing Zordon, but I’ve just captured Earth, and I’m not going anywhere.” She sticks her tongue out and blows a raspberry, then turns to walk away.

“Dark Specter will not be happy,” the messenger says.

She stops. “Excuse me, did you just say . . . Dark Specter?” She looks afraid.

“The Grand Monarch of Evil,” he confirms.

Divatox turns to Elgar and Rygog. “Load up, we’re going to the Cimmerian Planet.” She turns back to the messenger. “Actually, you know what? A little vacation to the Cimmerian Planet would be just . . .” she blows a kiss. “Um, irresistable right now, really, yes. A little trip, great idea, thank you, really, yes. Thank you so much for the suggestion. Bye bye.” The face dissapears and Divatox spins around. “Don’t you worry, I’ll be back! Viva la Diva!”

Her and her army teleport out. TJ gets up slowly, then runs to the clearing. Ashley and Carlos appear together and Justin pokes his head out from some rubble. “TJ!”



“Over here!” Cassie calls from TJ’s side.

“Is everyone all right?” TJ asks.

“Yes,” Carlos says.

Justin starts to come over to them, as does Ashley, and before Carlos follows, he angrily throws a nearby Divatox flag away from the site. They all stand together, then suddenly they demorph in a flash of light. “Our powers . . .” says Cassie. “They’re gone.”


“Alpha!” Justin calls. They all turn to where the robot is trapped behind some rubble.

“Coming Alpha,” TJ says. “We got you.”


“Oh no,” Alpha says. “The Power Chamber. Yo, what a complete, catastrophe. This was my home.”

“It’s going to be okay, Alpha,” Justin tells him. “We’ll get you out of this.”


“How could this have happened?” Ashley asks. “Dimitria and the Blue Centurion have gone, the megazords are both destroyed . . . and now, the Power Chamber.”

“What’re we gonna do now?” Alpha asks.


“We have to go to the Cimmerian Planet,” Carlos says.

“We promised Dimitria, we’d protect Earth,” Cassie reminds him.

“Protect it from who?” he asks. “Divatox is gone now.”


“She’s gone now,” Ashley says. “But when she comes back, we’ll be sitting ducks.” Alpha starts to walk off, apparently having an idea.

“You’re right,” TJ says. “We need to stop Divatox before she comes back.”

 “But without the Power Chamber?” Cassie asks. “Without our powers? How do we expect to chase her, anyway?”


“Yo, I’ve got to get this loose,” Alpha says, struggling to remove a box under some rubble.

“What is it, Alpha?” TJ asks.

“We need the black box,” Alpha says. “It’s under there. That’s it.”

The five of them help, and they retrieve the box. “Alpha,” TJ says. “What is it?”

“This box holds the Power Decoder,” Alpha says.

“What does it do?” Justin asks.

“It has all the secret codes,” he answers. “We’re gonna need it.”

“What we need right now,” Carlos says. “Is to find a way to go after Divatox.”

“Wait . . .” Justin says. “It’s a long shot, but there may be a way.”



Outside a guarded entrance, with a NASADA sign on it, a car stops while a guard checks some papers. He lets the car drive off, and Justin runs up to the entrance. “What can I do for you, young man?” the guard asks.


“I need to speak to the Commander,” Justin says. “It’s really, really important.”


“Is the Commander expecting you?” the man asks.


“No,” Justin replies. “But I’ve gotta speak to him.”


The guards look at each other, then a car pulls up. “I’m sorry, young man,” he says. “No matter how ‘really, really important’ it is, I cannot let you in there. Now you wait right here.” He walks over to the car. “Name please?”


The telephone rings and the other guard goes over. “I’ll get it.”

Justin sees his chance and runs along-side the car as it drives off, slipping by the guards. They look confused as they realize he is gone, and Justin rolls out of view behind a hedge.

Cut. Justin has made it to the car park outside a building. “That’s it,” he says. “Mission Control.” Although it is heavily guarded, he makes it to a small bridge and walks along. As two men below him open the door, he jumps down and sneaks in before it closes.

runs down a corridor, and stops outside a couple of doors, reading the sign on the door. “Mission Control Room.” He runs inside as some guards yell at him.

“Hey, you there!”


Justin looks in awe at the many computers around him. A man stands a way off, and the guards come in. “Hold it,” one says. “That’s about as far as you go.” He takes Justin’s arm.

“Let me go,” Justin says. “I have to speak to the commander.”

“Sure you do,” he says. “Let’s go, now.” They drag him out of the room.

“But I have a message from the Power Rangers,” Justin says. The man in the room removes his glasses and follows them out unnoticed. “Let me go,” Justin continues. “It’s really important.”

“Hold on a minute, gentlemen,” the man from inside says. The guards instantly stand at attention, and a man and woman follow the man from the room. “I’m Commander Norquist of Mission Control,” he says.

“Sir,” Justin says. “The Power Rangers need your help.”

“What do they need?” Norquist asks.

“They need the Space Shuttle,” Justin says. 


The guards laugh a little, and Norquist looks at the man beside him, who shakes his head. Norquist clears his throat, and the guards are quiet. Justin walks up to the Commander, who obligingly lowers his head, and he whispers something in his ear.

“Eltar?” Norquist asks. The woman looks at the man, mouthing the word. “When do they need it?” Norquist asks Justin.

“Right now,” he answers.

“Come on,” he says. They leave, and the others are left standing there, completely confused.


The other rangers, plus Alpha, are hiding behind a bush outside the NASADA building. “Maybe he’s in trouble,” Carlos says.

“Let’s give him a little more time,” TJ answers. The communicators beep for the last time in the familiar chime, and the rangers laugh in relief. “This is TJ,” he says.

“TJ,” comes Justin’s voice. “The Space Shuttle is all ours.”

“We’re on our way,” TJ says. “How did he do that?”


 “All systems are go,” Norquist says. “As you requested the shuttle is set to take them to Eltar.”

Two minutes to launch,” says a voice. “Prepare to switch all systems to computer control.”


The shuttle manuevers into position as the voice talks, and TJ sees it and leads the rangers to the shuttle. “Over there.”

Pressurizing external tanks,” the voice continues.

“Come on,” Tj says. They run towards the doors.


“Prepare to clear the gantry. Check reserve power supplies.” Cut to the rangers sitting on the chairs in the shuttle and strapping in. “Preparing to pressurize the cabin.”

Ashley straps herself in, then Alpha. “There you go, Alpha.”

“Thanks, Ashley,” Alpha says.

“Readying life support.”
Switch to outside view, the doors above the shuttle open, and it rises to ground level. “T minus 60 seconds until launch.”

“Where is he?” Ashley asks.

“Come on,” says TJ. “Let’s go Justin.”


“T minus 30 seconds.”


TJ presses a button on the nearby communication panel. “Justin, we’re missing someone.”


Justin is still in the Mission Control room. “He . . .” he begins. “He can’t go with you. There’s reasons.”

“Justin’s not going with us?” Carlos asks.

“Reasons?” TJ asks. “What reasons?”

Cassie touches TJ’s arm. “It’s his dad. Justin wants to stay with his dad.”


“Justin,” TJ says. “Tell him he has very good reasons, and that we’ll miss him.”


“He already knows,” Justin says.


Focus on Ashley for a moment, looking sorrowful. “T minus 15 seconds.”

Justin removes his headset. “I’ll miss you too.”


“T minus 10 seconds and counting. 9 . . .” The door into the cabin closes. “8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 . . .”


The rangers all hold hands as they reach the end, and Carlos whispers. “Goodbye Justin.”


“ . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .” Thrusters ignite. “We have ignition.” The shuttle moves away. “We have lift-off.” It takes off into the sky.

“Now that’s a perfect lift-off,” Norquist says to Justin. However, when he turns, Justin is not there.

Justin stands outside, watching the launch in person as the shuttle flies up to the sky. “Good luck, rangers,” he says. He turns sadly and walks off.



The episode freezes with the shuttle in midflight.