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Power Rangers Unlimited

Chase Into Space, Pt. 1


Power Rangers: Turbo- Finale
Chase Into Space Pt. 1

Scene opens outside the Stewart’s House, as Mr. Stewart and Justin walk out. Mr. Stewart is talking. “The President of the company’s going to be there. It would be a great job.”

“Dad,” says Justin. “Lean down.” He does so, and Justin fixes his tie, then gives him a thumbs up.

“Thanks,” his dad says. He walks to his car and gets in, putting on his seatbelt. “I hope I’m not forgetting anything.”

Justin holds up his briefcase, then gives it to his dad, who places it on the floor. “Dad, just relax,” he says. “You’re great. And if they have any brains, they’ll pick you for the job.”

“Okay,” Mr. Stewart says.

“Bye Dad,” Justin says. He watches as his dad drives off.


On the moon, Divatox is driven up, and Elgar looks up. “Hey everyone, she’s here.” He helps her out of the car. “Hey, Aunty D, good to see you. I hope your driver was good, here let me help you out.”

Divatox shakes away Elgar’s hand, then looks up at a giant-sized Goldgoyle, who laughs, sending some Piranahtrons scurrying. Porto speaks. “Goldgoyle is the most destructive monster in the galaxy.”

“In the universe,” Goldgoyle corrects.

“Well, you can prove it,” Divatox says. “By destroying the Power Rangers, once and for all.”


Opening Credits Roll


The TV at the Juice Bar is shown, a shuttle launching, and the rangers are glued to the set as an astronaut says, “Roger Mission Control, we’re down to Range 2-9.”

“Copy that, Shuttle,” Mission Control answers. “Vectors 3-5, you’re go for landing.”

“Roger,” the astronaut says. “Touchdown in 3, 2, 1, contact. Main chute deployed.” Carlos pokes TJ and they look at Justin, who is mesmerized by what he’s watching.

“That’s confirmed, Shuttle,” Mission Control says. “Nice landing and welcome home. Ground crew will meet you at the end of the runway.”

An announcer speaks over the images. “There you have it, the mission of the specially equipped space shuttle seems to have come to a successful end, and now, let’s go live to Mission Control.”

“Wow,” Justin says in admiration.

A reporter goes over to a man. “Let’s meet General Norquist, Mission Control Commander from NASADA.”

The Commander removes his glasses. “The mission was a complete success.” He continues through the off-TV dialogue. “Our next goal is the longer range exploration of space. Of course, the astronauts will be debriefed and all data they collected will be examined. The space shuttle can go well beyond the reach of current spacecraft.”

“Thank you, General,” says the reporter. “And now back to . . .”

The voiceover takes over. “That was General Norquist live from Mission Control, talking about their Space Program. Well, that about wraps it up for our live coverage of the shuttle landing, thanks for watching, and now, back to our regularly schedules program.”

Mr. Stewart walks in during this, and Detective Stone walks past him, carrying a tray of drinks. “Hey, Doug,” he says.

“Hey, Jerome,” Mr. Stewart says.

“Hey, Mr. Stewart,” says Carlos.

Mr. Stewart walks over to the table, and Justin looks at him. “Hey Dad.” He stands up. “Well? How did it go?”

“I got it,” his dad says.

“All right!” Justin exclaims. He hugs his dad and the rangers cheer.

“But . . .” Mr. Stewart says. “There’s something we need to talk about.”

“What?” Justin asks. His dad leads him away and the other rangers look on in confusion.

“Justin,” says Mr. Stewart. “I haven’t accepted it yet. I found out that if I take this new job, I’d have to leave Angel Grove. I won’t unless you come with me.”



“But, I like Angel Grove,” Justin says. “All my friends are here. TJ, Cassie, Ashley and Niko. Carlos is going to put me on the soccer team.” Flip to the rangers clinking their glasses together in a toast, probably to Mr. Stewart’s new job. “Even Bulk and Skull,” Justin continues. Flip to Bulk and Skull pouring some kind of shake all over each other.

“Fine,” Mr. Stewart says. “It’s decided then. We stay.”

Their communicators beep and the other rangers turn to leave. Justin stands. “Dad, don’t decide yet. Let’s talk some more later, can we? Please?” In the background, Cassie and Carlos wait for Justin, worried looking.

“Justin, we can talk,” Mr. Stewart says. “But you’re more important to me than any job.”

They hug. “See you later, Dad,” Justin says.

He runs off, but Carlos stops him. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is everything okay?”

“No,” Justin says, “If my dad takes the job, we have to move.” He leaves, and Cassie and Carlos follow after a pause.


At the Power Chamber, the rangers walk in. “What’s up, Dimitria?” TJ asks.

“We are receiving an urgent message from Eltar,” she says.

“Yo,” says Alpha 6. “It’s breaking up.”

Carlos, TJ and Cassie run to the viewing screen, and Ashley asks. “Eltar?”


“The source of all our powers!” Justin says. He and Ashley run to join them.

On the viewing screen Zordon’s face is shown against a black background. “Rangers,” he says. “It is good to see you again, though I wish it was under better circumstances.”


“Losing signal again,” Alpha says.

“Eltar is under attack,” Zordon continues. Screen changes to show a gray planet, explosions visible from space. “So far we have resisted their advances,” he says. “Whilst you may be tempted to come to our aid, you must stay and protect Earth.” Screen shifts back to Zordon, and the transmission is filled with static. “And rangers, beware. There is a—”

Static is all that is left, and the rangers turn to Alpha. “Oh no,” he says. “The signal just vanished.”

“Alpha,” says Dimitria. “Begin a long-range scan. Perhaps Zordon was trying to warn us of an attack.”

“I’m on it,” Alpha says. The other rangers go to help, except TJ.

TJ pauses quietly, then asks himself. “Rangers beware? Of what?”


Back on the moon, Porto goes over to Divatox. “Goldgoyle’s ready to go at your command, Your Evilness.”

“I’ll eat the Rescue Megazord for lunch,” Goldgoyle says.

“Yeah,” Divatox says. “Well, we’ll see about that now, won’t we? Now go to Earth and don’t come back until you’ve pounded those rangers into the dust.” She laughs as Goldgoyle rises from rockets in his feet.


Alarms blare in the Power Chamber. “Whoa,” Alpha says. “Something is entering the Earth’s atmosphere.”

“Is it a monster?” Cassie asks.

“It’s not just a monster,” Alpha answers. “It’s massive. He may be even bigger than a Megazord.”

“Yeah?” TJ asks. “Well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall? Ready? Shift into Turbo!”



Morphing Sequence Plays and they arrive on the surface somewhere else. “Where is it?” TJ asks.

“I don’t see a thing,” Cassie says.

“Look up there!” Carlos says. Sparks appear and Goldgoyle appears.

Goldgoyle laughs. “I am Goldgoyle, and you are about to be destroyed, Power Rangers.”

“A little over confident,” Ashley says. “Don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” Carlos agrees. “And over-sized too.”

“I had hoped for more worthy adversaries,” Goldgoyle says. “You’re all so puny. But . . .” He shoots out some electricity, and the rangers are thrown in the air.

“Man,” says Carlos. “This guy means business.”

“It’s time to show him we do too,” TJ says. “Let’s do it.”

“We need Rescue Megazord Power, now!” they all shout. The sequence plays, and eventually it stands there.

“That’s better,” Goldgoyle says. “Now I can have some fun while destroying you.” He shoots another blast, but the zord jumps out of the way, firing to no effect in mid-air. “My turn,” Goldgoyle says. He released two vines, which attach to the zord’s blasters, and shoots through them, destroying their weapons. “Did I destroy your little toys?” he taunts.

“We need Artillery Power,” TJ says. “Now!”

Blasters appear and all rangers shout. “Artillery Power Fire.” It complies but again nothing happens.

“We need more power,” Ashley says.

“We don’t have any more,” TJ says. Goldgoyle fires another blast at them, then another, and the megazord falls to the ground. “We’ve got to find a way to get back on our feet,” TJ says. The megazord stands again, and Goldgoyle fires again. “Try and keep her steady,” TJ says. They can’t and the megazord falls again, sparking.

“We’re down to half power,” Cassie says.

“Shields are offline,” says Ashley.

“Got to get back up!” TJ says.

Carlos looks at the blue ranger. “Justin, reroute the auxiliary power.”

“Right,” says Justin. “Got it.” The megazord stands slowly. “Servos are back online.”

Goldgoyle fires again, and the megazord falls from it’s unsteady stance. “We can’t take much more of this,” Carlos says.

“We have no choice,” TJ counters. The megazord manages to stand again, barely.

“All systems are failing,” Cassie says.

“Divert power from Weapons Systems,” TJ orders.

“Weapon power is gone,” Justin says. “We can’t defend ourselves—we’re sitting ducks!” Goldgoyle fires again.

Cassie works frantically at her controls. “I’m going to try and reconnect it manually.”

TJ reaches up and stops her. “No, it’s no use. The Rescue Megazord’s too badly damages, and Goldgoyle’s not going to wait for us to repair it. We can’t let him win. We have to stop him, right here, right now.”

“How do we do that?” Justin asks.

“We move in close to Goldgoyle,” TJ says. “And we self-destruct the Rescue Megazord.”

“He’ll never expect it,” Cassie says. “That’s brilliant.”

“Let’s do it,” Ashley says.

“Yeah, great idea,” Carlos agrees.

“Count me in,” says Justin.

“Let’s go,” Ashley says.

The Megazord walks slowly towars Goldgoyle. “Well, here goes,” TJ says.

A computer voice speaks. “Self-Destruct Sequence initiated. Self Destruct in 40 seconds. 39 . . .” it contiues throughout.

“Keep it steady, guys,” TJ says. “Be ready to jump ship on my command.”

“We’re not going to make it,” Justin says.

“We’ve got to,” Carlos answers.

“Power’s dropping,” Ashley says nervously.

“We’re almost there,” Cassie says.

Goldgoyle watches them. “Come to beg for mercy? Forget it.”

The megazord grabs a hold of him. “Let’s get out of here,” TJ says. “Turbo zords, rev it up.” The countdown is at seven.

The megazord explodes while holding Goldgoyle, and the rangers leap out just as it happens, landing in their Turbo zords. The smoke clears, and Goldgoyle still stands. “Nice try,” he says. “But you can’t finish me that easily.”

“Aw man!” TJ says. “It didn’t work! All right guys, bring them together.” The Combination Sequence plays. “Ready? Let’s do it.”

“Turbo Megazord Saber,” they all say. It appears.

“Goodbye, Rangers,” Goldgoyle says. He fires toward the megazord, but it jumps out of the way and leaps towards Goldgoyle, saber held high.

“Full power!” TJ shouts. “Now!” The Megazord flies through Goldgoyle.

“How quaint,” Goldgoyle says.

“No way,” TJ says in disbelief.

“Huh?” Justin asks.

“I can’t believe it,” Carlos says.

“Unreal,” Ashley agrees.

“No,” Cassie says.

“This has been so entertaining,” Goldgoyle says. “I’m almost sorry to see it end.” He starts to gather energy in his hands. “Now I’ll gather up all the energy around here and focus it, like this.” He fires a heavy blast that knocks the megazord off it’s feet again. It drops it’s saber and explodes as it falls, flames burning. Goldgoyle stands over them. “And I was told the Power Rangers were tough.”

“All systems are down,” Cassie says.

“Power Cells are gone,” Justin says.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” says Ashley.

“We’re history,” Carlos says quietly.

TJ bangs his head against the Megazord’s control wheel. “How could this happen?” He pauses. “Wait, I’ve got an idea. Let’s get out of here, now.”

“Yeah,” says Carlos. “All right.”

Cut to the floor around the destroyed Megazord. “Man, that was close,” TJ says.

“So,” says Ashley. “What’s your idea?”

“I’ll show you,” TJ says. “We need Turbo RAM Power, now!” It teleports in front of him. “Justin,” he says. “Set it to detonate upon impact.”

“Got it,” Justin says. He begins working at it.

“But Teej,” Carlos says. “The Turbo RAM isn’t going to get this guy. At least, not from this distance.”

“Right,” TJ says. “But I’m not going to be at this distance.”

“That does it,” Justin says. “All right, it’s ready TJ.”

“Good,” TJ says. “Red Lightning, Jet Mode.” Cut to him aboard the flying carm the RAM on the passenger side roof. “I’ve only got one shot at this,” he says. “This had better work.” He flys straight at Goldgoyle. “How about a little snack?” He presses a control and the RAM takes off. “Okay, birds away.”

The RAM flies into Goldgoyle’s mouth, and smoke comes out, then he explodes. This time, he is gone, apparently inpenetrable from the outside but vulnerable from the inside.

“All right, we did it,” TJ says, letting out a cheer. His car reverts to landing mode. He lands and leaps out the window, laughing. “We did it!”

Cassie runs up and hugs him. “Good job.” The other rangers join them.

“I can’t believe we lost both megazords,” Carlos says.

“Yeah,” TJ says. “ . . . too bad.” They look around. “We’ve got to get back to the Power Chamber. Let’s go.” They teleport out.


Rygog, Elgar and some Piranahtrons are wandering through the desert, when the rangers’ teleportation beam flies past. “Who,” Rygog says. “Five streaks of light . . . five power rangers!”

“Let’s follow them,” Elgar says. “Shh. Hey, wait a minute, why am I whispering? Come on, come on.”

Cut to Elgar and Rygog climbing up a side of a steep incline. After a few moments they peak over the top and gasp, and the Power Chamber is revealed. “Is that what I think it is?” Rygog asks.

“We’ve found the Power Chamber,” Elgar says. “Divatox is gonna flip!”


On Divatox’s Space Base, they are throwing a party, complete with music, decorations and drinks. Divatox is making a speech. “The Power Rangers are running. And they won’t quit running until I, Divatox, run them straight into the ground. Today the megazords. Tomorrow . . .” she pauses, as if trying to think of something big enough.

Rygog speaks. “Tomorrow, the Power Rangers’ Chamber!”

There is a moment of murmurings, then Divatox asks. “What do you mean?”

“Yep,” Elgar says. “I found it.”

Rygog stops Elgar. “I found it.”

Divatox runs over impatiently. “Are you absolutely . . . sure?”

“Yes,” Rygog says. “And the best part is . . . the rangers are inside!” He laughs.

Divatox screams. “Ready the armies. Today, the Power Rangers go down in history!” Everyone cheers.

“Thank you, thank you,” Elgar says. “You’re so kind.”



At the Power Chamber, TJ reports to Dimitria. “Both megazords were destroyed.”

“Unfortunately, their destruction could not be helped,” Dimitria says. “But now, I have grave news for you. Planet Eltar has fallen to evil forces.”

“What about Zordon?” TJ asks.


“Is he okay?” Carlos asks. “We’ve got to go and help him.”

“No!” Dimitria says. “If you go, Divatox will take over the world. The Power Rangers are Earth’s only defense against her.”

“But Dimitria,” Cassie says. “If we don’t go to help Zordon . . . who will?”


“I will go to Eltar,” Dimitria says. “With the Blue Centurion.”

He appears through the doors. “I’m ready, Dimitria.”

“Together, we will try and help Zordon,” Dimitria says.

“But when?” Ashley asks.

“Immediately,” she says.


The outside of the Power Chamber is shown, a familiar shot, but now it means so much more, knowing it’s fate. A short distance from it, at the bottom of the twin-peaked mountain, armies of pirahnatrons are teleporting in, and hiding under the overhangs. Pirahnatrons on bikes are driving along and monitoring them.



“Don’t worry, rangers,” Dimitria says. “We’ll be as cautious and as safe as we possibly can.”

Justin walks up to the Blue Centurion and hugs him, then takes his hand and hands him the third Wishing Coin. “This is my lucky coin . . . in case you need it.”

“Thank you,” the Blue Centurion says. “I shall miss you, Blue Ranger.”

Justin walks back to stand beside TJ, who speaks. “You can count on us, Dimitria. We’ll protect the Earth.”


“I have no doubt,” Dimitria says.


The pirahnatrons have lined up along an imaginary road, which Divatox walks down, admiring them. “Ready to take over the world, boys?” she asks. “Yes, yes, yes, suck it in, suck it in.” She snatches a flag from a Pirahnatron. “Give me that—viva la Diva!”



Cassie and Ashley have their arms around each other, supporting each other, and TJ stands and comforts Justin. Carlos stands alone. Dimitria speaks to them. “Against the darkest danger, when all hope seems lost . . . if ever you bow your heads, raise them high again. For you are the Power Rangers.”

“Goodbye, Dimitria,” TJ says.

Dimitria’s tube glows brightly as she teleports out. “May the power protect you.”

“Farewell, my friends,” Blue Centurion says. He teleports out and they are both gone.


Elgar walks up to Divatox’s throne, which sits in the desert. “The troops are ready, my queen.”

“I can’t believe Elgar did something right for a change,” Porto says.

“So?” asks Rygog. “When do we get to start the attack?”

Divatox stands up in amazement, and gasps. “It’s Dimitria . . .” The others turn to see her teleportaton light, closely followed by another one. “And Blue Centurion . . .” Divatox says. “She’s gone. Hmm. . . you really want to know when we attack?”

Rygog grunts.

“We attack . . . now!”

“Attack!” Rygog shouts. Divatox screams and pirahnatrons ride up, driving off. Hundreds of pirahnatrons appear over the mountain side carrying flags and cheering as they charge.


“Oh no,” Alpha says. “We’ve been discovered.”

The rangers run to the viewing screen and see the terrifying sight. “How did they find us?” Ashley asks.

“Look at all of them,” Justin whispers.

More footage is shown from outside, then from within on the screen. The enemy climbs the last slope to the Power Chamber.

“They’re going to be all over the Power Chamber in a couple of minutes,” Ashley says.


“We have to go out there and face them,” TJ states. He turns and they all walk to the door.


“But, but, but,” Alpha protests. “There are way too many of them.”

The rangers stop. “We can’t wait for them to attack us,” TJ says. “Everybody ready?” Justin nods. “Alpha, open the outer doors.” They turn to go, then they hear Alpha’s voice.

“Rangers . . . be careful out there.”

They turn again, putting their helmets on. Alpha presses a button on the console panel, something he’s done many times, but this time it is different, as it opens the door to the greatest fight of the ranger’s young lives. The doors open, and the rangers run out of the safety of the Power Chamber.


Next on Power Rangers Turbo . . .

The rangers fight bravely to hold back the enemy, but soon they are forced into the Power Chamber. But the pirahnatrons break through and invade their once-safe fortress.

“What we need right now,” Carlos says. “Is a way to go after Divatox.”

“It’s a long shot,” Justin says. “But there might be a way.”

“Justin,” TJ says. “We’re missing someone.”

“I can’t go with you,” Justin says.


Blooper that seems really out of place after that dramatic episode:


In the first scene, where Bulk and Skull pour shakes over one another, after Bulk pours his drink on Skull, Skull snatches Bulk's nearly-empty glass and yells in an English accent: "Disarm the enemy before he has time to reload. You fool, you absolute fool!"