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Hawaii Zeo

Power Rangers Unlimited

Power Rangers: Zeo
Episode 48--
Hawaii Zeo


Scene opens in the desert, the gold ranger lands on the ground heavily and is surrounded by cogs. He gets up and fights them off, but it is obvious something is wrong and he doesn’t do well.


Tommy and the others are fighting a ways off, and Tommy turns to see Jason struggling. “Jason,” he calls. “What’s wrong?”


Jason throws a cog away and ducks a blow from another. “I don’t know!” he replies. He continues to fight but the cogs grab him on either side and knee him in the stomach. “I’m weakening!” he shouts. He tries to fight back but the cogs are getting him.


Tommy elbows a cog and starts for him. “Hang on!” he shouts. He runs toward him but a group of cogs stop him, holding him back. He reaches out helplessly. “Jason!”


Jason hits the ground with a groan, holding his chest, and the cogs withdraw. Prince Gasket appears, Archerina beside him, looking down at the ranger. “Your do-gooder days are over, Gold Ranger!” he says. “Surrender your powers to me or be destroyed.” He aims his sword at Jason’s neck.


“Never, Prince Gasket!” Jason replies.


Sprocket and Klank teleport onto the scene, and Sprocket speaks. “Ah! What’s up?”


Prince Gasket is annoyed and clenches his fist. “Can’t you see I’m busy right now?”


“Calm down, big brother,” Sprocket says. “Just thought you might like to know that Dad’s looking for you.”


Gasket growls in frustration. “What did you tell him?” He and Archerina forget about Jason for the moment and walk over to Sprocket.


“Nothing, honest!” Sprocket says. “I came to warn you.”


Jason takes the opportunity and stands slowly, holding his stomach. The two continue. “Don’t you lie to me!” Gasket warns.


“No, I wouldn’t!” Sprocket insists.


“Where’s father?” his brother asks.


“Don’t know,” Sprocket says, now taunting him. “But you’re gonna get it!”


Jason stands shakily and the other rangers finally manage to go over to him. “Jason!” Tommy shouts, taking his arm. “I got you buddy. Come on, let’s go.” He and Kat support him and they teleport out.


Gasket and Sprocket don’t notice as they continue arguing. “Now that he’s back, my plans are ruined,” Gasket says.


“Not necessarily,” Sprocket says.


“Oh, what do you know about it?” Gasket asks.


“See, I have this plan I wanted to tell you about,” Sprocket says. “Listen . . .”


Gasket speaks over him. “You’re just a little twerp that’s been nothing but trouble since the moment . . .”


Cut to the outside of the Power Chamber, then inside where the rangers stand helmet-less. Jason collapses to a kneel with a groan. He demorphs and falls to his hands and knees, and Tommy and Rocky go over, helping him up and supporting him as he stands.


“Are you okay, Jason?” Tommy asks.


“Yeah,” Jason says unsteadily. “Um, I’m . . . I’m just a little dizzy. I’ve been working out really hard lately. Um, I’m . . . I’m fine. I’m sure that’s it. What,” he rubs his cheek, referring to the band-aid on Tommy’s. “What happened to you?”


Tommy touches his cheek. “Oh, oh, this? Ah, no big deal, man. I just fell out of bed this morning reaching for the alarm clock. I’m all right.” He puts a hand on Jason’s back. “I’m just worried about you, man.”


Adam steps up. “Zordon, what do you think?”


Zordon speaks. “It is entirely possible that Jason’s physical exhaustion has caused his powers to become temporarily intermittent. Alpha will have to run a complete battery of tests on Jason to be certain.”


Meanwhile in the desert, Klank finally notices the rangers have left. “Oh my!” he exclaims. “Your Majesties, look!”


Gasket looks, then turns angrily to Sprocket. “Oh, you puny pain in the pressure valve! Look what you’ve done, you’ve let them get away! How could you be so incompetent?”


“I’m sorry,” Sprocket says miserably.


“Sorry doesn’t cut it!” Gasket says. “Pull a stunt like this again and you’ll spend the rest of your life on the scrap heap!”


“But, big brother,” Sprocket says. “I have the idea of the millennium and I thought you’d want to hear about it.”


“Oh, all right, tell me,” Gasket says. “Well? Spit it out already!”


“I should have thought about it before,” Sprocket says. “Orbus can make you grow, then you can knock down the rangers like bowling pins.”


Gasket nods, impressed. “Hmm . . . not a bad idea, Sprocket.” He rubs his chin. “In fact, it just may work.”


Archerina touches his shoulder. “Mmm-hmm. And there’ll be more of you to love, my darling.” (Tell me no one else sees the innuendo!)


“Yes!” Gasket says. “And Father cannot help but he pleased with me.”


“Indeed,” she agrees.


Gasket turns back to Sprocket. “This will require careful planning. Sprocket, we will get back to you.” He and Archerina teleport away.


Sprocket laughs and Klank speaks. “That was a brilliant performance, Prince Sprocket. Gasket doesn’t suspect a thing. Before he knows it, he’ll be done for!”


“I’ll really score some brownie points with Dad!” Sprocket claps his hands happily and Klank laughs.




Outside of the Youth Center is shown, then inside, where Kat stands at the counter looking worried. She goes over to Tommy as he approaches, sighing. “I hope we hear something soon.”


“Yeah, me too,” Tommy says. “There they are.” He touches her arm and they go over to Tanya, Jason and Adam. Adam looks a little nervous, but the other two are smiling. “So what’s the verdict?” Tommy asks.


Jason pauses briefly. “The tests were negative.”


Kat breathes a sigh of relief. “Oh, that’s great.”


“Yeah,” says Jason. “But Zordon says to take it easy for now, just in case.”


“Hopefully Mondo and Machina will cooperate,” Adam says solemnly.


“Yeah, really,” Kat says. “Well, I guess I’ll see you guys later. Bye.”


She starts to leave and Tommy stops her. “Hey, uh . . . what are you doing tonight?” Tanya, Jason and Adam suddenly turn their attention to anything but the two, Jason and Tanya barely keeping straight faces.


Kat looks a little surprised. “Not much. Why, what are you doing?”


Tommy pauses. “Nothing. You know, no big plans.”


“Oh,” she says. Tanya chokes on something, Jason rubs a finger across his face thoughtfully, and Adam rolls his eyes. “Okay,” Kat continues. “Well . . . I guess I’ll see you later.”


Tommy smiles. “Okay.”


“Bye,” she says.


“See you,” Tommy says.


“Bye Kat,” Tanya puts in.


“Bye,” Kat says. Jason waves a little and she smiles, leaving.


Tommy looks sheepish as Adam and Jason step up beside him. Adam sighs, slapping his shoulder. “Great move, Casanova.”


Tommy looks innocent. “What?”


Jason laughs a little. “So, why didn’t you ask her out, man?”


“What are you talking about?” Tommy asks. “I mean, she wouldn’t want to go out with me.”


“Hello!” Tanya exclaims. “She’s obviously interested in you.”


“Do you really think so?” Tommy asks. “Really? Oh, me and Kat . . .” he laughs a little.


Adam pauses. “You wouldn’t be, afraid to ask her out?”


“No,” Tommy says. “You know, but if I’m going to ask her out, I mean, it’ll have to be the perfect first date.”


“Right,” Tanya says. “Of course.”


“Yeah,” Jason agrees.


“Perfect,” Adam says.


“Yeah,” says Jason.


“Yeah,” Tanya says.


“Yeah,” Tommy says.


Ernie enters, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and wearing a straw hat, he hands leis to everyone around. “Aloha everybody!”


“How’re you doing?” asks a person.


“That’s from the big island,” Ernie says, handing leis to three girls. “Hi, aloha. Aloha. Hi. And aloha to you too, help yourself.” (If he says aloha one more time I’m gonna smack him).


He gets to the rangers. “Aloha!” (And he does . . .)


“Hi!” says Tanya. “How was Hawaii?”


Ernie places leis around their necks. “Oh, fantastic, I had the best time. I was water-skiing and snorkeling, parasailing, and the food—unbelievable.”


“That sounds great,” Adam says.


“Oh, the best vacation I ever had!” Ernie says. “And to celebrate my return, I’m going to throw a luau at the Beach Club.”


Tanya turns to Tommy real a smile and Adam says, “Cool.”


“A real, authentic, island luau,” Ernie continues. “With food, the music—the works.”


“Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?” Tanya asks Tommy.


Tommy nods. “A luau. It’s perfect.” They all laugh a little.




Cut to the outside of the Detective Agency, with a sign saying, “Private Eyes Have It”, then to the inside of Detective Stone’s office. Bulk and Skull come through the door, and Bulk says, “Hey, all right! Detective Stone’s not here.”


“Yeah, I’m bushed,” Skull says. “Time for a nap.” They walk over to the desk. “I got dibs on the desk.”


Bulk shrugs and sits on a chair, and Skull starts clearing all the papers and envelopes off the desk, tossing them carelessly on the chair behind it. Detective Stone rises into view and there is a long silence.


“Hi!” Skull says. “We were just w—”


“Just going to what?” Stone asks.


Bulk jumps to his feet. “Uh, just going to make a few calls, see if we can find a big case.”


“Yeah, that’s right,” says Skull.


Stone holds up some envelopes. “Do you know what these are?”


“Fan mail?” Skull asks.


“Bills, bills, and more bills!” Stone says. Bulk shrugs helplessly and he continues. “Rent . . . telephone . . .” the lights flash out. “Power. If you don’t get us a case soon, we’ll all be out of business!”


Bulk and Skull exchange looks and groan.




Outside of the Youth Center, then inside, where Rocky and Tommy face each other on the mat. They bow, and then begin sparring. But then they hear Kat’s voice from across the room. “Great job, girls. Okay, let’s practice one more time.”


Tommy is distracted as he turns to look at her, and Rocky flips him to the ground. He looks confusedly at Tommy, then realizes what his problem is. Kat is instructing her ballet class, all at the barre doing grande battements. Rocky laughs and helps Tommy up. “Come on,” he says. “Man, why don’t you just go ask her? I mean, the luau’s today.”


“I—I don’t know,” Tommy says. “A-are you sure she wants to go out with me?”


Rocky rolls his eyes. “Oh, come on, are you kidding me, man? Just go, come on.”


Tommy walks toward Kat’s class, turning back to Rocky for assurance, who waves him on. The girls are on the floor and Kat is facing them. “Good,” she says, clapping. “Okay, you can stretch now. Good girls.” She leans on the barre and reaches down to her shoe, and Tommy taps her on the shoulder. She straightens and turns around, smiling as she sees him. “Oh, hey! How are you?”


Tommy smiles. “Good. What’s going on?”


“Oh, not much,” she says. “Did you see the girls?” She glances over her shoulder. “Aren’t they terrific?”


“Yeah,” Tommy says. “You’re doing a great job with them.”


Kat looks away, blushing a little. “Thanks.” Tommy pauses nervously, unsure what to say, and she looks up. “Is there something wrong?”


“Wrong?” Tommy asks. “No. No, no. No, not at all. I was just, uh, you know, wondering if you heard about Ernie’s luau.”


“Oh, yeah,” Kat says. “Tanya told me about it. It sounds like fun. I thought I might check it out. Are you going to go?”


“Yeah,” Tommy says quickly. “Yeah, yeah I am. Um, that’s what I’m kinda here about.” Kat looks at him hopefully. “Look,” he continues. “I was wondering if, uh, you know, you’d like to . . . uh . . . go with me?”


Kat smiles. “You mean like on a date?”


“Yeah,” Tommy says quickly. “No, no. You know, I mean, if you’re busy . . .”


“No,” Kat says. “I’d love to.”


“All right,” Tommy says. They both smile.


In another part of the Youth Center, Ernie is getting things together for the luau. Bulk and Skull appear. “There he is,” Skull says.


“Let me do all the talking,” Bulk says. Skull nods quickly, and they leave. As Ernie leaves the supply room, they grab him from behind. “Hey Ernie,” says Bulk. “These look a little unsafe. What do you think, Skull?”


“They look fine to me,” Skull says. Bulk hits him and he says quickly, “I mean, you’re the expert there, Bulk! If you say they’re not safe, well then, they are unsafe.”


Ernie shakes his head and starts to walk away, but Bulk and Skull grab him again. “Hey, hey, hey!” Bulk says. “Hey Ernie! What about this limbo stick? You could put an eye out.”


“I gotta get to the Beach Club,” Ernie says. “So give me the short version and tell me what you’re getting at.”


Bulk sighs. “Security, my good man—security. A gathering such as this luau requires the services of trained security personnel.” He straightens his tie.


“Or you could hire us!” Skull says. Bulk hits him. “Ow!”


“So, what?” asks Ernie. “You want to be my security guards?”


Bulk nods and they both fall to their knees. “Please,” he pleads. “We really need the work. Please, please, please!”


“We want to work!” Skull sobs dramatically.


“All right, all right, all right,” Ernie says. “Come on, come on. You can be my security guards.” Bulk and Skull laugh and stand up. “My—Hawaiian—security guards,” Ernie adds. Bulk sighs and nods, Skull looks confused. “But you’ll have to dress the part,” Ernie says.


Ernie leaves and the two pause a moment, looking confused. “Wait,” Bulk says as they start after Ernie again.




Outside of the Power Chamber is shown, then inside. “Zordon,” Alpha says. “The Treys might have some idea as to way Jason’s powers waned today. I could contact Triforia.”


“An excellent idea, Alpha,” Zordon says. “Try reaching them immediately.”


“Right away, Zordon,” he says, going to the computer. “Oh, I hope they’ve rejoined!”


“I have had grave concerns all along,” Zordon says. “That Jason’s physiological make-up would be unable to sustain the gold ranger powers.”




At the Beach Club, the luau is underway, people are everywhere in Hawaiian dress. A man cooks at a barbecue and hands Emily a bowl of food. “There you go.”


Emily puts the bowl on one of the table and walks to the outside of the club where Bulk and Skull are standing, wearing grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and headdresses. Both are wearing face paint and carry spears, and they grunt indistinctly as people pass. Emily pauses a moment, as does Ernie, then turns to Kat and Tommy who have just walked up. “Hi, Kat,” Emily says.


“Hi,” Kat replies.


Tommy points out a table and he and Kat go over, sitting down. Adam, Jason, Tanya and Rocky appear, and Jason looks at Bulk and Skull. “I don’t believe this.”


“Hey Emily,” Tanya says.


“Hey,” she replies. “You guys look great.”


“Thank you,” she says.


“Thanks,” Jason says bashfully. “So do you.”


Emily smiles. “Thanks.”


They are quiet a moment and the others watch, amused, then Tanya looks at Bulk and Skull. “What are you guys supposed to be?”


Bulk and Skull straighten stiff and Skull says, “We’re Hawaiian warriors, what do you think?”


“Well, next time I’d do just a little research,” Tanya says. “Cause you’re not even in the ballpark.”


Ernie comes over. “Hey you two, I thought I said ‘authentic’. I mean, everybody knows Hawaiians don’t wear body paint and carry tomahawks. Now go wash that stuff off.”


The two stare at him in disbelief, and the rangers pass by. “Bye, guys,” Tanya says.


Rocky looks at them a moment. “Nice skirts, boys.” He walks on.


Bulk and Skull walk away, and Jason and Adam head for Tommy and Kat’s table. Tanya grabs them and pulls them back. “You guys, don’t! Let them be alone.”


Tommy laughs lightly as they all sit down at another table, and Ernie steps into view, getting everyone’s attention. “Thanks for coming, everybody. Now, to start today’s festivities, I need some volunteers. Anyone?”


“Come on you guys!” Tanya says excitedly, grabbing Jason’s arm. Emily takes his other arm and they bring him to his feet, motioning to the other two. “Come on!” she says.


“Yeah!” Tommy says with a laugh, clapping as they walk up. Three Hawaiian dancers and some other people step up beside Ernie, making it clear what they were volunteering for. Adam turns to leave, but Tanya grabs his arm.


“This is going to be great,” Kat says.


“Yeah,” Tommy agrees. He looks at her. “Well, uh, thanks for coming.”


“Thanks for asking me,” she says.


Tommy smiles. “Yeah.”


Hawaiian music begins to play and they all start dancing, the volunteers doing their best to follow the other three. Emily casts a sidelong glance at Jason. “You’re pretty good.”


“Really?” Jason asks. (Yeah, really, Jason . . .)


“Yeah,” she says.


Cross to Gasket, Archerina, Klank, Orbus and some cogs who are hiding behind some bushes, spying on the party. “Are you positive the rangers are all there, Klank?” Gasket asks.


“As far as I know, Sire,” Klank replies.


“Klank, your incompetence is only surpassed by your ineptness,” he says.


“But how will we ever get them alone?” Archerina asks.


“That’s what cogs are for, my dear,” Gasket says. “Cogs, get ready to crash this party.” The cogs wave their arms in recognition of his words.


Shows the dancers again, panning their swaying hips, and Tommy and Kat laugh from their table, applauding. The music stops and they all bow, and Ernie steps between them all. “Yeah, let’s hear a big hand! These guys were terrific, all right!”


The dancers join in the applause, except Adam and Jason, who seem embarrassed. Tommy and Kat applaud again. “All right guys,” Tommy says. Everyone continues to applaud as the dancers scatter and the rangers run back to their table.


“And now for a little surprise,” Ernie says. “I am proud to introduce to you, straight from the big island, and performing the traditional hula—the Island Dancers!”


Everyone applauds and Ernie steps back, pulling back a bunches of reeds. Cogs are revealed, wearing grass skirts and leis, and they begin to hula dance. Tanya, Jason and Rocky jump up in alarm, Emily half-rises, and Adam stays seated. The cogs stop their dancing and get into fighting stances, and Kat and Tommy quickly get up.


The cogs begin to attack and Jason pushes Emily away. “Oh no. Move. Go, go!”


A girl runs up to Kat. “Oh! What are they?”


“Come on!” Kat says.


“Come on!” Jason shouts. “Move!”


“Go, everyone!” Tanya shouts. “Run!” They randomly fight some of the cogs.


Tommy runs up to Ernie. “Where’s security?” Ernie asks. “I should have never hired those guys!” (He’s got to be kidding . . .)


Tommy takes his arm. “Come on, Ernie, let’s go.” Ernie leaves and the other rangers join Tommy as the rest up the people run off. The cogs advance, and the rangers stand before them. “Nobody likes party-crashers,” Tommy says, pointing at them. “It’s Morphin Time!” He starts the sequence and they all begin:


Kat: “Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!”


Tanya: “Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!”


Rocky: “Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!”


Adam: “Zeo Ranger 4, Green!”


Tommy: “Zeo Ranger 5, Red!”


Jason: “Gold Ranger Power!”


They all morph and start fighting the cogs, and Gasket watches in appreciation. “Now this is what I call a real party.”


Tommy turns to him. “What are you doing here, Gasket?”


“Such words wound me deeply, Thomas,” Gasket says. “We’re just here to help our relationship—grow!”


“Tommy!” Jason shouts as they all come up to him. “What’s going on?”


“I don’t know,” Tommy says. “But he’s got something up his sleeve.”


“Klank!” says Gasket. “It’s time. Do it!”


“Huh?” says a confused Tommy.


Klank steps up. “Certainly, Sire. Right away.” He turns to the rangers. “You’re in for a surprise.” He whirls Orbus around. “Around and around, and away you go!”


Gasket and Archerina grow to enormous size, holding hands, and both laugh, looking down at the rangers. “Now, this is more like it,” Gasket says. The cogs begin to hula in the background.


Jason looks at Tommy. “I’ll handle the cogs. You guys better call on the zords.”


“Right,” Tommy says. “Good luck, Jase.” Jason nods and starts to fight the cogs. “All right,” Tommy says to the others. “Let’s do it.”


“We need Zeo Zord Power, now!” they all shout, performing the arm gestures. They all beam into their zords.


“All right,” says Tommy in his zord. “Let’s bring it together, everybody. Zeonizer crystal, power up! Let’s do it. Initiate Zeo Megazord now!” The Megazord does it’s thing. “Looking good out there, you guys,” he says. “Get ready, I’m coming in.” The transformation completes and they all arrive in the cockpit. “Let’s show those two what they’re up against here.”


“Zeo Megazord, ready for action!” they all call.


Gasket speaks. “I hereby claim the Earth in the name of the Royal House of Gadgetry!” He draws back his sword.


“Never gonna happen, Gasket!” Tommy shouts.


“Ready, dear?” Gasket asks Archerina.


“Ready!” she answers.


Gasket leaps into the air and hit the zord’s shoulder with his sword, Archerina gets it’s leg. The zord falls to it’s knee as they each hit a shoulder.


Cut to the Power Chamber. Alpha speaks. “Ay-yi-yi! The Rangers need Pyramidas, but Jason still has his hands full!”


“We must send them reinforcements,” Zordon says.


“I know!” Alpha says. “I can pilot the Super Zeo Zords and the Red Battlezord by remote.” He works at the computer.


“That’s an excellent idea, Alpha,” Zordon says. “I’ll inform the Rangers right away.”


The zords arrive, and Gasket points his sword at them. “The more the merrier. It’ll be our own little luau on the Met!” He charges and fights the zords, and Archerina follows.


“Let’s combine forces, darling,” Archerina says as they regroup.


“Splendid plan, my dear,” he says. They combine and do a funny thing, zapping the zords.


“I am the most powerful,” Gasket says. “Most supreme leader this Machine Empire has ever known.” They fight for a while, and soon the two are weaponless. Gasket goes to Archerina. “Are you all right, my love?”


“Yes dear,” she answers.


“Then let’s roast them!” he shouts. They attack again, but do no damage, and fall to the ground. “Oh, no!” Gasket says.


“I think I broke a nail!” Archerina says.


“You’ll pay for this, rangers,” Gasket tells them.


Cut to Jason on the beach, finishing off the cogs. “Looks like that was the last of them.” He lifts his communicator. “Do you think the gang could use some Pyramid Power?”


“Immediately,” Zordon says.


“I’m on it.” He summons his staff and raises it. “I call on the power of Pyramidas!” It appears and he is transported to the cockpit. “Ultrazord, power up!”


“No!” Gasket shouts as the Zeo Ultrazord appears. “This is supposed to be my greatest glory!”


“Zeo Ultrazord!” the rangers say together. “Fire!” They blast the two.


“Archerina!” Gasket says. “My darling!”


“Let’s fire again,” Adam suggests.


“Hang on a second,” Tommy says.


Archerina clutches Gasket as they begin to fall. Gasket speaks. “I can feel my magnificent size wearing off!”


“We’re shrinking!” Archerina says. “Help!” They hit the ground and explode.


Cut to Klank, standing on the beach holding Orbus. “You can come out now, Prince Sprocket!”


Sprocket comes out of the bushes. “I did it, I did it! My brother’s finally gone! A tisket, a tasket, no more Brother Gasket! Heeheeheehee . . .”


Gasket and Archerina appear behind them, normal-sized again. Gasket clenches his fist. “Not so fast, my sneaky little sibling! I still intend to be the King of the Machine Empire.”


“Oh no,” Sprocket says. “Oh, I get the feeling I’m in big trouble here.” He turns to Gasket, trembling.


“You are,” Gasket says. “For when I am King, I’ll use you all for spare parts, and—”


Mondo and Machina teleport in and Mondo speaks. “Ah, so you’re going to be king, are you?”


“Yeah, Daddy!” Sprocket says. “That’s what he says.”


“I have a few things I’d like to discuss with you, Gasket,” Mondo says angrily.


“I’d love to stay and catch up with you, Father,” Gasket says. “But I just remembered—Archerina and I have to be somewhere else, uh, forever! Bye-bye!” They transport out.


Machina laughs. “Well, I hope you’ve learned something.”




At the Youth Center, Ernie carries a bowl of chips to the counter where Tanya, Rocky and Jason are seated. Rocky slides the bowl closer and takes one.


“Ernie,” says Tanya. “I’m really sorry about your luau.” Ernie shrugs.


“Yeah, man,” Rocky says. “They really tore that place up, didn’t they?”


“That’s okay, guys,” Ernie says. “Someone came last night and cleaned the whole place up. I wish I could thank whoever did it.” The three give each other looks that tell us obviously who it was. “Anyway, I’m going to throw another one real soon,” Ernie says.


“Sounds very cool, man,” Jason says. Rocky nods and Tanya smiles.


Some other customer calls, “Ernie, got a minute?” Ernie leaves.


Adam comes between Rocky and Tanya and grabs a chip. Rocky gives him a look and tries to snatch it back, and Adam looks at Jason. “Hey. Does anyone know where Kat and Tommy are?”


“No man,” Jason said. “I haven’t seen them all day.” Tommy and Kat enter just then, both dressed up and laughing together. “Until now,” Jason amends.


“What’s up, guys?” Tommy asks.


Kat smiles. “Ernie throws some luau, doesn’t he?”


Jason nods and folds his arms, and Tanya speaks. “Well, you two sure do look happy.”


“Yeah,” says Rocky. “What have you been up to, huh?”


“Oh, we went to the movies,” Tommy answers. “Nice, quiet, safe date.”


“Yeah,” says Kat. “No cogs throwing popcorn and sitting in the audience.”


“That’s right,” Tommy says. “Normal boring time.”


Kat looks at him. “Boring?”


“Just kidding,” Tommy says quietly, smiling. He puts an arm around her shoulders and she nudges him a little. Jason and Tanya laugh a little.


Bulk and Skull come in, holding cloths up to cover their faces. “Come on, Skull,” Bulk says. “If we don’t ask, we’ll never get rid of it.”


“Well,” says Tanya. “It looks like our favorite detectives are back on the job.”


They come over. “We need help,” Bulk says.


“What’s with the get-up?” Adam asks.


“Uh, we . . .” Skull begins. “We need some paint remover.”


“For what?” Tommy asks.


Bulk and Skull remove the cloths, revealing the war-paint still on their faces. Adam and Jason chuckle, and Rocky grins, shaking his head. Tanya just laughs. “Somebody,” Bulk says. “Used ink instead of watercolor for our body paint yesterday.” Skull looks side to side, looking confused.


“You guys,” Rocky says. “You can’t use paint-remover. Ink has to wear off.”


“I don’t believe it,” Bulk says. He turns to Skull. “This is all your fault.”


“My fault?” Skull asks.


“Your fault.”


“How is this my fault?” he asks.


“This is your fault!” he repeats.


“Look, you bought the ink!” They start to leave.


“Bye guys!” Tanya calls. “Good luck!”


Skull continues. “Look, you’re the one who wanted to get it tattooed on our . . .” They storm out, still arguing, and Bulk takes of Skull’s hat, exchanging it with his own. Kat and Tommy laugh.



End Credits and Bloopers:



In the final scene, Skull says something, Bulk cracks up.


At the luau, Jason says, “Come on!” Tanya imitates him with exageration. “Yah!!!!” “Man!” Jason says.


Finale scene, Skull turns to Bulk, “I dare you to blame me for this one.”


At the luau, Tommy makes a face at the camera. Someone offscreen laughs.


At the Juice Bar, Bulk laughs.


Juice Bar counter, Jason flips a V sign to the camera.


At the luau, Kat asks Tommy, “How’s my lip-gloss?”


Juice Bar Counter, Adam laughs. Jason turns offscreen, “What are you doing, man?” And offscreen voice shouts, “Cut!”


Juice Bar, Tommy faces someone offscreen. “You got it, bad!”


Juice Bar, Jason faces the camera. “What’s up?”


Final scene. Bulk and Skull reveal their painted faces. “Whoa!” Tommy says. Skull waves, “I’m going home.” He starts to leave and Bulk pulls him back. Rocky pokes his head on-camera.