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A Zeo Beginning, Pt. 1


Power Rangers: Zeo
Episode One--
A Zeo Beginning, Pt. 1

Power Rangers Unlimited



Opening Credits Roll




The scene opens on the wreckage of the Command Center, as the rangers run through the rubble and flames. Tommy’s voice comes over:


“The events that had transpired over the last few moments were almost beyond belief. Somehow Rito and Goldar were able to penetrate the security of the Command Center, planting an implosion device.”


Flashback to Rito and Goldar in the lower chambers of the Command Center. Goldar speaks. “We’d better hurry, the implosion device is gonna go any minute.”


“Talk about cutting it close,” Rito says. “Bye bye.” They transport out.


Cut to the  Command Center, where Alpha is explaining to Tanya, “And morphing is when you—” He is interrupted when Rito and Goldar teleport in. Tanya screams and Alpha exclaims, “Ay-yi-yi!”


Goldar approaches the Zeo crystal. “Ah, there it is!”


Zordon speaks. “I order you to leave at once.”


Goldar picks up the crystal. “We were just on our way out, weren’t we?”


“Yeah,” Rito replies. With the Zeo crystal.” He blows a kiss. “Ciao, baby!” They laugh and teleport away.


Cut back to the rangers running through the wreckage, and we hear Tommy’s voice again. “And to make matters worse, they had managed to steal the Zeo crystal, the only thing capable of restoring our powers.”


Flashback to the rangers in the Command Center as Alpha cries, “Ay-yi-yi!”


Tommy steps forward. “Alpha, what’s wrong?”


“Oh . . .” begins Alpha. “Goldar and Rito have stolen the Zeo crystal.”


Kat puts a hand to her mouth. “Oh no.”


Cut to the implosion device as Tommy speaks again. “But little did we know, how soon our world as we knew it, would come crashing down.” The lights on the device start blinking and a beeping starts.


Cut yet again to the rangers running as Tommy continues. “And our lives as Power Rangers, were about to come to an end.”


Back to the device, the counter starts down from 3, and cut to the main room of the Command Center as the explosions start. The rangers reel as the building shakes and Zordon speaks over the explosions. “Evacuate the Command Center.”


“We can’t leave you!” Adam shouts back. More explosions go off and we hear shouts and screams from the ranger.


“Get out of here now!” Alpha shouts. “Hurry!”


Rocky motions to him. “Come with us, Alpha!”


Another series of explosions go off and they all fall to the floor. Zordon speaks. “Alpha, teleport them out immediately.”


Alpha makes his way to the computer as sparks fly all over. “Teleporting now,” he says, pressing a button. The rangers are teleported out and more explosions come as Alpha manages a garbled, “Ay-yi-yi . . . Zordon!”


The rangers land in the desert outside the Command Center and fall to the ground. They get up quickly, just as the Command Center explodes, sending shrapnel flying all over.


Back to the present, the air has calmed and the rangers stand looking at the ruins. “Aw man,” Tommy says. “I hope Zordon and Alpha survived.”


Kat walks forward slowly. “I felt the Command Center was the one safe place Rita and Zedd could never touch.”


“Now look at it,” Adam says sadly.


“There’s gotta be something we can do,” says Rocky.


Billy comes into view, looking the most upset. “I just wish I knew what.”


They all walk forward through the rubble, staring at it all silently.




On the moon palace, music is playing and Rita and Zedd dance through the room as everyone celebrates. They chant, “No more Power Rangers, no more Power Rangers!” Everyone joins them in doing some kind of square dance.


Zedd speaks as he dances. “With the Power Rangers finally out of the picture, the galaxy shall be ours at last!”


Rita laughs and dips him as Finster comes in. “I’m sorry, my Queen, I hate to spoil your celebration—”


“Then don’t!” Rita cuts in, continuing to dance.


“But there really is something you must see!” Finster says.


Rita stops. “Not now, I’m having too much fun!” They all voice their agreement and begin to dance again.


Then the palace starts shaking and they all stumble around. Zedd speaks. “What in the name of wickedness was that?”


“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you,” Finster says.


Rita pauses, then heads for her telescope. “Better take a look.”


Zedd barges through Squat and Baboo. “Out of my way, fools.” He watches as Rita looks through the telescope. “Well?” Rita’s jaw drops and Zedd steps forward. “What is it? What do you see?”


Squat whimpers in the background and Rita straightens, managing a weak, “Zeddy . . .”


“Bad new?” asks Squat.


“Hope not,” Baboo puts in.


Rita turns to face Zedd and he speaks. “Speak up, Sugar. Well, what is it?”


Rita steps forward, near tears. “I think we’re in trouble!”




Scene goes to the wreckage again, the rangers are all seated dejectedly on the ground, Tommy is fingering two rocks in his hands, as if trying to put them back together. He sighs. “What a mess. It’s been totally wiped off the map.” He throws one of the stones.


Adam stands and walks forward, looking at something. “Hey guys, what’s that?” he points to a glowing blue light under a pile of rocks.


Rocky stands. “It looks like the—”


“Is it possible?” asks Kat, stepping forward.


“Come on, hurry,” says Billy, heading toward it. They all go to it and start lifting rocks off quickly.




Back at the palace, shots hit it and it starts shaking again. Finster scurries around. “We are completely defenseless against the armies of the Machine King. I’ll prepare for our immediate departure!” He leaves the room.


More shots hit and Squat goes by. “Let’s get out of here, Baboo! Before King Mondo turns us into socket wrenches!”


Furniture starts falling and Rita screams up at Zedd from the floor. “Oh Zedd, this is all your fault!”




The Machine Empire is shown for the first time, a vast arsenal of weapons and spaceships and robots. King Mondo appears on screen. “Oh, how fortunate we are, my mechanical enchantress. An entire galaxy, just begging to supply it’s resources to my Machine Empire!” He laughs.


His companion, Machina, speaks. “You forget, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa claim this galaxy as their own.”


Mondo brushes her off. “Minor detail. Come, see for yourself.” He starts walking. “As we speak, those piteous peasants are fleeing for their very existence!”


Little Prince Sprocket speaks up. “We got ‘em by the ears, huh Dad?”


“Precisely,” Mondo says.




The palace is shown, dark and abandoned looking, and Rita’s voice shouts, “Finster, the party’s over! Put a move on it!”


“Yes, my queen,” Finster’s reply is heard as we see a contemporary “for sale” sign outside the palace. “I’m doing the best I can. We’ve accumulated a lot of junk over the millenia.”


Cut to them all leaving the palace. “Come on, come on,” says Zedd.


“Now Zedd . . .” begins Rita.


“Yes?” he asks.


“Are you sure you got everything?” she asks.


“Yes,” he replies, annoyed.


“Did you clean out the dungeons?”




“Oh, I just hate packing in a hurry,” she continues. “I always feel like I’m forgetting something.”




The rangers are still digging through the rocks, and finally they uncover the Zeo crystal. They all grin and Tommy says, “It is! It’s the Zeo crystal.” The crystal is glowing yellow now and fully intact.




Rita is complaining as they all walk. “Ow, my feet! Zedd, will you carry me?”


“No,” he replies.


Squat stops. “Hey Baboo. How come we have to lug all this stuff around?”


“Don’t know,” Baboo replies. “But I’m putting in for overtime.”


The ground starts shaking and they all stagger, nearly dropping the luggage they carry. Zedd turns around, a large box on his shoulder. “Will you two stop fooling around? If we’re not out of here soon we’ll be space dust!”


Rita looks back at the palace in dismay. “I can’t believe it! I was just beginning to like this place!” More of the Empire’s ships come through, firing and nearly hitting them, and she looks around. “On the other hand, change is good!” She pauses. “Hey! Wait a minute! What about Rito and Goldar?”


Zedd comes back to her. “They’ve obviously failed to capture the Zeo crystal. We don’t have time to wait for them, they’ll have to catch up with us later.” He grabs her arm. “Come on.”


She grudgingly goes along, looking back and showing what looks like concern for the two missing parties. “All right,” she says reluctantly. She trots to catch up with Zedd. “My feet are killing me,” she mutters. “I should have worn my walking pumps.”




Tommy picks up the Zeo crystal and sighs in relief. “It’s all here! This is incedible.” He looks at it, repeating, “The Zeo crystal’s all here.”


“Rito and Goldar must have dropped it,” Adam says. “I can’t believe it survived the blast.”


“But, does it still have it’s power?” Kat asked.


Just then the crystal starts glowing and bolts of color shoot out from it. “Whoa,” says Rocky. “I think it heard you.”


Billy comes up. “Tommy, you’d better not hold it. There’s no telling what effect the implosion had on it.”


Tommy sets it down and immediately a white light shoots from it, enveloping the rangers as the ground starts to tremble and break apart. “I think we’re about to find out!” Tanya exclaims.




Zedd, Rita and the others are still walking quickly across the moon. Zedd leads the way. “All right everyone, we’re almost to Serpenterra.” He sighs. “I hope all this junk fits.”


More ships come and fire at them, and they all fall, dropping their boxes. Finster stands and looks around. “Oh dear. We must hurry. They’re getting closer.”


They continue and Zedd talks. “You know, I just thought of something.” He stops walking.


Rita comes up behind him. “What is it, Zeddy? Did you forget your chrome polish?”


“Very funny,” he says, turning around. “Has it occurred to any of you that although we may escape from the Machine King, we have no place to escape to!”


“Lord Zedd is correct,” says Finster, coming to them. “Serpenterra has a limited energy supply, we must plot our course carefully or risk running out of fuel and drifting off into oblivion.”


Squatt speaks up. “Whatever oblivion is, it’s gotta be better than this!”


“Let’s figure out where we’re going!” Rita says.


“I just hope we can locate a place real soon,” says Baboo. He points to the sky. “Look.”


They are fired on once again and everything goes flying. Zedd growls. “Come on everyone, pick up this junk and—oh, let’s get out of here!”


“Right,” agrees Rita, and they all run on, the blasts barely missing them.


Baboo comments, “They don’t really like us.”




Machina looks at Mondo. “Mmm, darling, look at them run, will you?”


“Rita and Lord Zedd will soon be gone forever, my beloved,” says Mondo. “Then you and I shall claim our rightful thrones. With nothing to stand in our way, the Machine Empire will be unstoppable.”




Back with the rangers, they are still trying to remain upright as the earth shakes beneath them. “Is it ever gonna stop?” shouts Tanya.


“I don’t know what’s causing it,” Billy says calmly.


“We must have activated something in the Zeo crystal,” says Adam.


“We’re sinking!” shouts Rocky.


“Let’s bail out of here!” suggests Adam.


“I can’t move my feet!” Tanya exclaims.


“Me neither!” Tommy shouts. The ground beneath them sinks down, further and further, until they are falling into a deep pit. The ground crumbles beneath them and they freefall down.


While on the surface, the remains of the command center are pulling themselves back together.


They all land hard in the lower chambers of the command center, amid boxes and junk of all kind. Tommy is the first to sit up. “Is everyone all right?”


Billy looks around. “Yeah, I think so.”


Tommy stands slowly. “Man, we gotta figure out where we are.”


They all stand and gather around him, and Billy surveys the area carefully. “This looks like the lower chamber in the command center,” he says.


“Now what?” asks Adam.


They all hear a noise and turn to see, but nothing is there, just an empty passageway. Billy takes a few steps forward. “Where’s it coming from?”


“I don’t know,” says Tommy. “Let’s follow it. Just stay together.”


Meanwhile, the command center has put itself almost fully back together.




Goldar and Rito are on earth, digging through the garbage cans on the side of the street. “Now,” says Rito. “Let me see, what do we have in here? Anything good?”


Goldar rubs his stomach. “Oh, I’m so hungry, I could eat anything!”


“Great,” says Rito, pulling out a fish skeleton. “Cause this looks good.” He smells it. “Oh! Maybe not.” He tosses it back. “Hasta la vista, fishy.” He looks over at Goldar. “Hey, didn’t you used to have big gold wngs?”


Goldar tries to look at his back. “Wings? Where?”


“Oh, I guess not,” says Rito, coming over to him. “I just wish we could remember who we were and how we got here.” He grabs his head. “Oh, I’ve got such a skull-ache! I wanna go home!” He leans on Goldar’s shoulder.


Two humans approach the garbage cans a few feet away and put some bags in. “Easy now,” Goldar says. “Let’s just ask these kids to help us.”


They both turn and shout over to the two, and both humans scream and run away. “Why do you suppose they did that?” Rito asks.


“I don’t know,” says Goldar. They shout after the humans, but they keep running.


“Oh, we’re doomed!” cries Rito.


“Hey,” says Goldar. “Get a hold of yourself, will ya? We’re bound to come across something familiar.” But Rito starts crying and asking for his mommy. Goldar shakes his head. “Why me?” He looks down at Rito. “Oh come on, get up. I’ll think of something, I’ll take care of you, okay? I guess.” He scratches his head.


Rito stands. “You mean it? Ah, you’re the best. What would I ever do without ya?”


“Don’t mention it,” Goldar says, rubbing Rito’s head.


“Don’t mention it?” Rito asks. He hugs Goldar. “You’re the best friend I ever had, how could I not mention it? You’re gonna take care of me . . .” he starts crying and the scene fades out.




Skull peeks through and looks into the garage, then backs out and pushes Bulk in, blindfolded. “All right, Bulky, keep close.”


“What is it, Skull?” asks Bulk. “Tell me.”


Skull leads him in, to an object covered in a white sheet. “All right,” he says. “Tada!” He rips off the sheet to reveal a two-person motorcycle, covered in dust. “Here it is!” He pauses, then looks at Bulk for his reaction. Getting none, Skull takes of Bulk’s hat and blindfold and sweeps an arm out. “Tada!”


“This hunk of junk is your big surprise?” asks Bulk.


“Pretty cool, huh?” asks Skull, oblivious to Bulk’s distaste.


Bulk puts his hands on his hips. “Uh . . . you gotta be kidding me.” He walks around it. “Where did you get this rust bucket anyway?”


“My cousin,” says Skull. “Can you believe it? He was actually gonna throw it out!”


“Yeah Skull,” says Bulk. “Somehow . . . I can believe it.” Rito and Goldar sneak through the bushes behind him, unnoticed.


“Bulky,” says Skull. “Use your imagination. Think of it: Patrol sirens wailing, engine revving . . . rounding up all the bad guys on our new—Patrol-Bike!”


Bulk nods a little. “Patrol-Bike . . .”




Cut to many clips of the Machine Empire, then Zedd and Rita’s group, still running. “If I’m having a bad dream, wake me up!” says Baboo.


One more shot and they all fall to the ground. “All right,” says Rita. “I’ve got it, I know where we can go and no one will touch us!”


Another blast comes and Zedd turns to her. “Well, spit it out already. It’s not like we have a lot of choices.”


Rita puts a finger up. “Question: Who’s the most evil person we know, besides Mondo the Machine King and Queen Machina?”


“How about me?” asks Squatt as more shots come down on them.


“Why, I am, of course,” says Zedd.


“Wrong,” says Rita. “As if. Dream on, tinsel teeth, you know who I’m talking about.”


“Huh? What?” asks Zedd. Then he realizes. “Oh no . . . no way, absolutely not.” He gets up and starts walking off. “If you think I’m going to—”


Rita catches up to him. “There’s no time to argue, I’m calling my daddy! We’re moving in with Master Vile.”


Zedd folds his arms. “I absolutely refuse to move in with your father, and that’s final.”




The rangers are walking through the dark hallways slowly, looking around every corner. This lasts for a while, then comes the faint sound of Alpha’s voice. Billy stops, apparently the only one who hears it. “Guys, that sounds like Alpha.”


“Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!” comes Alpha again, this time louder.


“Whoa,” says Tommy. “Now that really sounds like Alpha!”


They all smile in relief, then the building shakes as if from a blast and pieces start to fall over.




“I can’t, and I won’t!” Zedd is still arguing.


“You can, and you will!” Rita shouts back. “Daddy! I need you, come in wherever you are!” More blasts shoot at them. “Papa, can you hear me?”


The image of Master Vile appears. “Is that my dastardly daughter calling?”


Rita smiles and approaches him. “Yes, Daddy-Meanness, and I have a little favor to ask.”


“What is that horrible sound in the background?” asks Vile.


“The Machine Empire is invading!” she cries.


“King Mondo and Queen Machina? They are the only creatures in the galaxy more evil than myself. They destroy eveything they touch.”


“Which brings me to my question,” Rita says hurriedly. “We’re outta here and I need a place to crash.”


“I suppose you’ll be bringing that husband of yours,” Vile says in disgust. “Well, all right. I’ll leave a skeleton key under the mat, just don’t wake me when you get in.” He dissapears.


Rita is overjoyed, but Zedd growls. “Oh goodie-goodie-gumdrops.”




The command center us entirely together now, and looks just like before. The shaking has stopped and the rangers are catching their breath. Billy looks around. “The foundation must be resettling. Let’s just hope that it was nothing.”


Alpha’s voice comes. “Rangers, step into the vortex.”


“The vortex?” Tommy asks. They start walking again, looking around. They stop when they see a metal door open to reveal a green swirling vortex. They are hesitant, but walk up to it, and Tommy reaches out a tentative hand.




“Tommy,” Billy says. “Be careful.”


Tommy nods and they all look nervously on as he reaches a hand into the vortex. He smiles a little and they all let out their breaths. “How does it feel?” asks Tanya.


Tommy fingers the green slime still on his hand. “Kinda feels cool.”


“Rangers,” says Alpha. “Please step through the vortex.”


Without a word, Tommy steps forward and is enveloped by the vortex. Kat and Tanya approach it, then grasp each others hand and step through. Billy and Adam are hesitant, but also go through.


Rocky clasps his hands together and looks at it a moment, inching toward it, then looks back to where they came from. Then Billy’s hand comes through the vortex, pulling him into it.


They all step out together on the other side, and Tanya looks around. “What is this place?”


“Wow,” whispers Kat.


They are in a large room filled with computers and consoles, looking like a very updated command center. Billy speaks. “The next generation in strategic command outpost.”


“Unreal,” says Adam.


Billy nods. “I’ve seen plans for this is the mainframe, but I had no idea it really existed.”


Alpha comes through a door. “Hello Rangers. Welcome home.” They all gather around him, laughing and talking, glad he is alive and intact.


“Alpha, we thought you were gone forever,” says Kat.


“Oh,” says Alpha. “It takes more than a little implosion to keep me down.” He laughs, pressing a red button. “And you’ll be happy to know that all systems are online.”


“Alpha . . .” Rocky begins. “How did you, I mean, where did this place come from?”


“The Power Chamber has always been here,” Alpha explains. “We knew there could come a time when the command center would become vulnerable to an attack.”


“Alpha,” says Adam quietly. “What about Zordon?”


“Yeah,” says Kat. “Is he . . .?”


“Oh,” says Alpha. “I am so sorry power rangers. I guess I should have told you right away.”




Mondo walks up to Machina. “Let us enjoy the view, my darling.” He looks out the window to a perfect view of earth.


“Yes,” says Machina. “It is quite lovely.”


“And very soon,” says Mondo. “All that we survey shall be ours to rule. With an iron hand.”








End credits roll alongside bloopers . . .


Skull is kneeling by the patrol bike. “And . . .” he pauses quietly, then begins again. “And . . .” laughter is heard from off camera as he tries to remember his line. “Cut, cut . . .” someone calls.


Bulk and Skull stand together. “Says who?” Skull asks.


Tommy is struggling with the earthquake, then suddenly straightens and looks steadily at the camera.


Rito is hugging Goldar and Goldar protests. “Oh, will you please . . .”


“Think of it, Bulk,” Skull says. “The engine screaming, the patrol sirens screaming, us screaming down the . . .”


The rangers all laugh as they stand around Alpha.


“Somebody call cut!” Skull shouts