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Power Rangers Unlimited

Reinforcements From the Future, Pt. 1

A couple mistakes in here, my video isn't perfect, but nothing important, and my fight scenes might be a bit vague, but my copy is VHS and it's hard to start, stop and rewind it so much!

Reinforcements From the Future, Pt 1


The scene opens on Taylor speeding down the highway in her cool yellow car, talking on her cell phone to Alyssa. She hears sirens behind her and sighs. "Alyssa, I gotta go." She hangs up and pulls to the side of the road, sighing and leaning her head back against the seat.

We see a figure approaching in her rearview mirror, wearing a familiar blue uniform, but his face isn't shown. Though it's a dead giveaway when he comes to her window and says in a very familiar voice, "Do you have any idea how fast you were going, ma'am?"

"I'm sorry, officer," she says. "You see--"


"Mm-hm," he interrupts. "Driver's license, please." She gives it and he says a civil, "Thank you."

Cut to him walking to his SUV as Taylor pulls away quickly. The man in the passenger seat turns. "So," he says, taking off his sunglasses to reveal Wesley Collins, Red Time Force Ranger, now wearing a full Silver Guardians uniform, complete with the red beret Eric once wore. "Did you give her a ticket?" he asks.

"Yep," Eric replies, taking off his own sunglasses so we can finally see his face. "I could just tell she was trouble."


Wes laughs, putting his sunglasses back on. "Just your type."

Eric gives him a look and straps on his seatbelt. "Are you kidding?" Cut to SUV pulling away.


Scene of a full moon and we hear an owl hooting in the distance. Cut down to a warehouse of some kind, the wind blows papers and garbage around and lightning flashes. Three orgs appear and begin wreaking havoc on the place, tossing cars around and blowing things up.

"Other Org" "Head Org" and "Flying Org"

Toxica and Jindrax are walking through the alley, and Toxica whispers, "I think we're getting closer!" Her horn is glowing bright purple.

"Wow," Jindrax says. "This must be one powerful org. I've never seen your horn glow so bright before!"

She nods and her horn stops glowing. "Come on." They duck behind a wall.

They watch a moment, then step out and Jindrax laughs. "Whoa, we hit the jackpot tonight! Three orgs!" Toxica laughs and they approach the orgs. "All right fellows," says Jindrax. "Listen up."

"You three," says Toxica. "Work for us now."

"That's right," Jindrax adds.

"Air-persual-persuee?" asks Head Org.

"Uh, what did he say?" asked Toxica.

"I got this on," Jindrax says. "What he said was, 'We'd be happy to serve ya, one-horned duke orgs."

"Oh," she says, pleased.

The orgs surround them and Jindrax continues. "See, they're just like dogs. It's all in the tone of your voice. You give them a command and they'll follow it." One of the orgs pushes him from behind and they find themselves both held at sword-point, then one of the orgs lifts them and throws them over the side of the building. They land on the ground and crawl to their hands and knees. Jindrax mutters, "I hate strays."

The orgs gather and look at some kind of card, and then all walk away. Toxica and Jindrax climb up the side of the building and watch them go. "What is their problem?" Jindrax asks.

Toxica hits the stone wall with her fist. "We have one horn, we're supposed to be their masters!"

"But they have . . ." he begins. "Well . . . way too many horns! What's the rule on that?" Toxica looks at him and he shrugs, "Well?" Then he loses his grip and falls to the ground below.


Silver Guardian SUVs are racing through the streets as a voice comes over the radios, "Repeat, this is code eleven. All Silver Guardians report to the plaza."

"Copy that," says Wes as he and Eric head there. "We're on our way."

The orgs walk through the city amid rubble and debris as civilians run in terror. The SUVs pull up with sirens wailing, and the orgs stop and look at them. Eric's voice shouts, "Guardians, move into position!"

The Guardians all go to their positions, and Wes and Eric run to the front with their weapons ready, (Eric for some reason missing the hat he wore in the SUV). "Halt!" Wes shouts. "We are the Silver Guardians. You're under arrest."

Eric continues. "Surrender now or we will be forced to shoot."


Flying-Org jumps into the air and begins firing at them from above. The Guardians, including the two commanders, go flying. As the other orgs join the fight, Wes and Eric take cover behind a large rock and shout almost simultaneously, "Open fire!" They begin firing themselves.

The orgs are unaffected by the blasts, and ward off the blows by the other Guardians. Wes approaches, but the org hits his gun away, and then kicks Eric as he comes up, sending him flying back. Wes advances with a spinning heel, roundhouse, and then a straight punch, but all are blocked and he goes sailing through the air as the org throws him back.

The org blasts the Guardians again and they all go flying, and the orgs continue to block all their attacks. Eric advances on another one with a series of kicks and then a spinning heel, but the org catches his leg and throws him back. Eric lands on his feet but ends up on the ground when his feet are knocked from beneath him.

Wes runs to his side as Eric kneels, and tries to help him stand. "Let me help you," he says, pulling Eric up. Eric flinches and glares at him, but doesn't protest.


The two look back at the Guardians, all lying on the ground in various states of injury, and then nod at each other silently. Wes begins, "Time for . . ." Eric joins in with "Quantum Power" as Wes ends, "Time Force." Their morphing sequences play split screen and they are morphed.

Wes says, "All right, Eric. Let's finish this!" Wes runs at the org and leaps into the air, kicking him repeatedly before landing. The org is stunned, but with a single kick to Wes' chest he sends him flying and landing hard on some debris.

Eric tries his hand but has no better luck as he attempts a very strange jump-kick thing that I can't describe! He ends on the ground, but stands, holding his shoulder, and says, "You mutants haven't beaten us yet."


But Flying-Org jumps into the air, shooting him from above. Another shoots at Wes but he leaps up and avoids it, spinning horizontal in the air and summoning his chrono-blaster as he lands, shooting at the org. He fires at it, but the org catches the blast, spins around and throws it back at him, sending him sailing through the air as the explosions go off all around.

(Okay, here's a weird part on my tape . . . scene fades out with Wes flying through the air, then comes back with Eric landing hard on the ground, Wes running up to him to help. Don't know if I seriously missed something, but I hope it wasn't too important!)

Anyway . . .

Wes stands in front of Eric, braced for a fight as the orgs approach, and Eric manages to get to his knee. "Wes," he says. "I thought all the mutants were captured and sent back to the future."

"So did I," Wes says.

"Desem-ey-wisch-duh-sey-ya," says an org as they stand before the two rangers. He aims his weapon at them but they hear something from behind them. Wes and Eric turn, and then hit the ground as a blast goes over their heads. "What was that?" Wes asks.

The Wild Force Rangers come running up, and Cole says, "Hold it right there, orgs."

"All right," Wes says happily. "More rangers!"

The WF Rangers jump in the air and pose, shouting, "Power Rangers, Wild Force!"


"Yeah!" Wes exclaims, and then they turn to face the orgs.

Head-Org takes out a small dagger of some kind, which starts to glow. He looks at the others and they each nod, then start to walk away. Wes and Eric run after them but they transport out. "They got away!" Wes shouts angrily.

"We'll get em next time," Eric says calmly. They both power down.

The WF rangers run up and Max laughs. "Well, looks like we got here just in time!"

Eric glares at them. "What are you guys doing here?"

Taylor looks down, thinking. "I recognize him from somewhere . . ." Then it hits her. "Hey!" She powers down and Eric looks at her, very confused. "You're the one that gave me a ticket this morning," she continues angrily. "We just saved you, the least you could do is say thanks!"


She steps up to him and his confusion is replaced with anger as he glares down at her. The WF rangers power down and run up to them just as Eric looks about to kill her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," Cole says. "Wait a second, guys." He puts either hand on Eric and Taylor, trying to keep them apart.

Danny does the same from the other side. "Come on, we're all rangers here, right Taylor?" He looks at Eric. "Right?"


"All right, all right," Eric says, patting Danny's hand and removing it from his shoulder as Wes looks on amusedly. "But why don't you guys leave fighting mutants, to the big boys?"

Max and Alyssa look at each other. "Mutants?" Max asks. "You mean orgs." Alyssa nods.

"Orgs?" Wes and Eric ask in unison. There are a few seconds of confused silence, and then Wes looks away, appearing either to be having a vision or voices in his mind again. He nods to himself, and then looks at the others. "Listen guys, we have to go." He offers a hand to Cole. "Thanks for your help."

Cole takes his hand after a moment, then smiles. "Anytime."

Wes turns, saying, "Come on," to Eric. Eric doesn't move, glaring down at Taylor, and Wes grabs his arm, pulling him away. "Come on," he insists. They walk away and Wes shouts to all the Guardians, "All right, let's pack it up and move out!"


The WF rangers wave happily to the departing rangers, and Cole says, "Let's go, guys." They all walk away but Taylor stares after Eric, mimicking, "Leave the fighting to the big boys . . . who does he think he is?"


Scene opens on the outside of the Animarium, then to the inside, where all the rangers but Taylor are gathered at the table with Princess Shayla, while Taylor stands by herself, looking deep in thought. Alyssa speaks. "Something about those orgs was different. And why did those other rangers call them mutants?"


"You met other power rangers?" Shayla asks excitedly. They all nod. "Well, were they nice?"

"Yeah!" they all say, but Taylor turns around and rolls her eyes. "No!" She turns away.

Max laughs. "Taylor especially liked the Quantum Ranger!" He makes kissing and other noises as the others try to shut him up. Taylor glares back at him, then leaves.


Outside of Bio-Lab is shown, and then cut to below in the parking lot. Wes is carrying a yellow suitcase over to Eric, who is leaning against the back of an SUV, staring into space. "Eric," Wes says. Eric straightens and opens the back of the SUV, and Wes places the case inside. "All right. First we have to contact the future. Find out if any mutants have escaped."

He and Eric set up the screen in the back of the vehicle and Eric steps back, folding his arms as Wes pressed a button on a small remote. The screen flickers on and Trip, the green Time Force Ranger, appears, a smile on his face. "Wes, Eric . . . it's good to see you!"

"Hey Trip," says Eric says.

Wes gets straight to the point. "Have any mutants escaped from the future?"

Trip's smile fades. "Oh, um . . ."

Wes looks at Eric, then back at Trip. "Trip, please. You have to tell us what you know."

Trip explains. "Time Force was tracking three fugitives in the year 3001. How they showed up in the year 2002 is, beyond me." He pauses as Wes and Eric exchange glances. "Oh, and there's, there's something you should know, Wes. Jen was assigned a special mission to, arrest those mutants. But, we, we lost contact with her a few weeks ago."


Eric bows his head and Wes looks up, then turns away, saying softly, "Jen."

Eric looks at Wes and places a hand on his shoulder. Wes looks back at him and Eric gives his shoulder a pat, and then walks away.


The orgs converse in their funny language on a rooftop, and a figure in a black robe watches them from cover, taking out a small device. The orgs words turn to English:

"Will help to pollute Earth."

"Create more orgs."

"We will rule future."

The device begins beeping and the orgs hear, but the person leaves and when they come over to look they find nothing. They throw a fit each, talk for a while in their language again, and then leave.


Taylor is walking down the sidewalk, jingling her keys as she goes, and gets to her car as the SUV screeches to a halt beside her. She folds her arms and glares as the commanders get out and approach her. "Shouldn't you guys be searching for your mutants, instead of giving me more tickets?"

"No," Wes says seriously. "We need your help."

She smirks, looking at Eric. "Oh, so now you need help from us?"

"Listen," says Eric, crossing between them. "We think that if we can combine our knowledge, we can stop these mutants."


"First off they're not mutants," she says. "But if you guys are really serious about fighting orgs . . ." She looks at Wes and he nods. "Okay. Follow me."


On the Animarium, Taylor leads the boys through the trees, and the Eagle Zord flies close above them, causing them to duck in fear and reach for their weapons. Taylor laughs. "Oh, that's my Eagle Zord. I'll bet you've never seen anything like it."


"Giant Eagle, huh?" Eric asks. He turns to Wes. "Big deal." Wes puts a hand on his shoulder and gives him a look, going past him to follow Taylor. Eric follows a ways behind. "You should see my Q-Rex."

Wes shoots him a glare and they step up to the plateau. Cole jumps down and grasps Wes' hand. "Good to see you again."

Shayla appears in a ball of light from the sacred waters, and smiles at the newcomers. "Welcome, friends. I'm Princess Shayla." Wes smiles and nods, Eric looks at her like she's a freak.


Alyssa comes up to them. "So, what brings you two all the way up here?"

Wes speaks, going over to Shayla. "Well, we came to ask you guys about these orgs. We've never encountered creatures like them before."

"The monsters you fought earlier were definitely orgs," Shayla says. "But, they're not like any I've ever seen before."


Wes nods and they are silent a moment, then something beeps. Wes nods over to Eric and they set up their computer screen on the picnic table. The WF rangers look on in amazement as the screen appears with Trip on it.

"Hey guys," Trip says cheerily. "Oh, I see you have company. Anyway, I've been doing some research for you, and I've got some information that I think is gonna help." Eric looks back at a bewildered Taylor like he invented the thing, and she smirks involuntarily. He looks back at Trip, satisfied, and Trip continues. "I found out that those three monsters that attacked you earlier are not just mutants. They’re also half org."



"What?" Wes asks in disbelief.

"In light of this evidence, Time Force has classified these suspects as Mut-Orgs."

Alyssa speaks up. "How can they be both mutant and org?"

"I, I don't know," Trip admits. "But, I think I know someone that could help." They all look confused but Wes, who looks knowing.


The future is shown, same scenes as in the Time Force series, complete with Alex's car speeding off, though it is supposed to be another's. Then the outside of a new building is shown, and none other than Nadira kneels beside two children, talking to them happily. She looks worried as a Patrol Car pulls up. Then Katie (with a new hair-do) and Lucas, step out. Nadira grins and runs over to them. "Katie! Lucas!" She hugs Katie, who seems thrilled to see her. "How are you two?" Nadira asks.


"Oh, looks like you're doing much better than the last time we saw you!" Katie says.

Nadira looks a Lucas. "Thanks to you for setting it up with the board."

Lucas takes off his sunglasses. "Nadira. We need your help."


Danny and Max are standing around the parking lot of what could be Bio-Lab, or some other CGD-affiliated building. Eric stands in the background talking on his headset and Taylor is a few feet away from him, watching the two unhappily. Danny and Max start walking and Danny says, "How can we beat them if they're half mutant, half org?"

"Hey, don't worry," Max says. "Look, with these Time Force guys on our side, we can take them." he pauses. "Never give up, right?"

"Never give up," Danny repeats.

"Yeah," Max says.



"Yeah!" etc a few times, then they hit chests and Max falls to the ground hard. Danny apologizes sincerely, but Max ignores him.


Eric crosses over to Taylor, tucking his headset into his harness. "You've got some interesting friends," he comments.

Taylor shakes her head. "They drive me crazy sometimes."

They watch Danny and Max for a moment, then Eric says, "I used to feel the same way about my friends." Taylor looks at him and he realizes what he said, and walks away. Taylor watches him intently.


The Silver Guardians SUV is cruising down the road, Wes and Cole inside. Cole is speaking. "I never knew there were other Power Rangers."

Wes smiles behind the wheel, not looking at the road. "There's other rangers out there, all right." he glances at the road briefly. "We all fight for the same goal."


"It's nice to know there are others in this world like us," Cole says.

"It's important to have friends you can count on," Wes says, eyes not on the road. Cole nods in agreement.


A ship is flying towards the prison, and a computer voice comes over. "You are approaching a Maximum Security Prison. Please have all papers ready upon arrival."

Two guards enter a dark room and one says, "Unlock the cell."

The other goes to a cell, saying to the prisoner inside, "You've got visitors."

Ransik looks up from inside the cell, looking as he did in the TF series. The door creaks open and Nadira smiles at him. "Daddy."


Ransik grins and stands up. "Nadira!" They embrace and he whispers, "I've missed you."

Then he looks up as Trip, Katie and Lucas walk in silently. None of them say a word, but Lucas nods slowly, and Ransik just stares at them.


Alyssa and Shayla are sitting at the picnic table when the waters start bubbling, and the mut-orgs appear in it. "It's them," Alyssa says. She picks up her growl phone and dials.

Wes and Cole are still driving around, and Cole picks up his phone. "What's up, Alyssa?"

"They're back," comes her voice.

"On our way," he says. Wes nods and turns on the sirens, racing down the street.

Cut to a desert scene, the rangers all running up to the three mut-orgs. The head org laughs as the seven rangers stop before them. "Ah-de-hol-famileeisch."

Wes points at him angrily. "There's no escape for the three of you this time!"

"Be careful guys," Cole advises. "We don't know what these mut-orgs are capable of."

"Mutants, orgs . . ." Eric muses. "They're going down just the same."

"Ready guys?" Cole calls.


"Let's do it!" they all shout, then run forward as the mut-orgs do the same. The Wild Force rangers shout, "Wild Access-- hah!" and all morph immediately, and Wes and Eric shout their phrases and do the same.

The flying org sails through the air and Taylor and Alyssa do the same. Flying org hits Taylor and she falls to the ground hard, not to be seen till the end of the fight. Danny and Max advance with simultaneous kicks on Other-org, but he blocks them and they fall together.

Wes calls for his Chrono-Morpher, Eric his Quantum Defender, and Cole his Lion Blaster, and they all fire at Head-org, who barely misses Wes when he fires back. Other-org picks up a giant rock and throws it at Danny and Max, hitting them. Flying-org is beating up Alyssa pretty bad and they're all getting their butts kicked except Taylor, who is nowhere to be seen.

Eric shouts, "Hold it right there!" as he and Cole run up, firing at Head-org. But the org fires back and they are thrown into the air, hitting the ground and not getting up. Danny fights on for a while but soon he falls too.

Wes engages in a pretty cool sword-fight with Head-org, actually doing pretty well. But then it goes downhill. Wes fires his chrono-blaster but the org deflects it, sending Wes flying back and landing on a bunch of rocks. The Head-org approaches him, passing Cole and Eric. Eric says, "Wes," and Cole gasps, "No."

Wes cries out and demorphs, holding his side painfully. Head-org raises his sword. "Erch-near-gots-erinwhich!" He brings down his sword and Wes tries to block the blow, but something shoots the org in the back and his sword falls. Wes looks up in confusion at the figure in a long black cape, standing on the top of the mountain.


She takes her hood off, revealing herself to be Jennifer Scotts, Pink Time Force Ranger, and Wes gets to his knee, shouting, "Jen!"



Jen rips off her cap, showing a very-tight black leather uniform; unlike any other we've seen TF officers wear. Everyone stares a moment in shock, then Flying-org fires at her.

She leaps off the cliff, avoiding the blast, and lands at the bottom, going into a series of cool flips as the shots miss her. Jen lands near Wes and shoots off a couple of her own with the large weapon she yields, then goes to Wes, grabbing his arm and helping him stand. "Wes, come on."

Wes is stunned. "Jen, but how did you--"

"I'll explain later," she cuts in. "We gotta go now!"


They are met by the others and they all start running away as the mut-orgs meet together. The orgs put their weapons in the center of themselves and combine them, throwing a blast at the retreating rangers. They narrowly miss them, but miss them they do and the rangers escape. The Mut-orgs say what I imagine are probably curses in their language.



Inside his cave, Master Org is nearly shaking with excitement. "Ohh, such power!"

The mut-orgs enter, carrying what looks like a scanner and muttering to themselves. They find Master Org and he turns to face them as Head-org says, "Wer-not-wer-get-uingu!"

"My faithful orgs," says Master Org. "Welcome to the Nexus."

The orgs bow and head-org speaks in English. "We serve true master."