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Power Rangers Unlimited

Force From the Future, Pt. 2

Power Rangers: Time Force
Episode Two--
Force From the Future, Pt. 2


Scene one opens on an alley in the night. Then it goes inside where a man is sitting at a desk. A mug on it states "Happy New Year: 2001." The cop is reading the newspaper, but looks up as electricity sparks and something like lightning flashes. He picks up his flashlight and walks outside. He squints and looks up to see a large ship--- the prison ship. Gluto, Nadira, Ransik and Frax appear and he brings out his gun, pointing at them and shouting, "Freeze!"

Ransik reaches out an arm and his fingers glow. The gun flies from the cop's hand and stops in front of Ransik. Frax leans over and inspects it, "Appears to be an early twenty-first century weapon."

Ransik crushes it in his hand and drops it to the ground. The man looks on in horror and fear and Nadira laughs, walking up to him. She grabs his shirt and lifts him in the air, asking, "What year is it?"

"Two thousand and one," he replies.

She throws him back and he goes flying into some boxes. Nadira turns to Ransik who repeats, "Two thousand and one." He chuckles, "That means . . . no Time Force." he laughs and they all walk away.


The timeship is crashed on a beach, smoking. Circuit is yelling at Trip, "Wake up! Wake up!" Trip opens his eyes and looks at Circuit as the robot continues, "The ship has a fuel leak, we gotta get out of here right now!"

Trip looks up and Circuits' words sink in. He stands, almost getting hit with a burst of sparks. He runs over o Katie and shakes her, "Come on, come on, let's go! Let's go, the ship's gonna explode!" he goes over to Jen, taking her face in his hands, "Come on, Jen, let's go! Let's go, the ship's gonna explode! Wake up!" She opens her eyes and he leaves, shouting, "Lucas! Let's go! We gotta get outa here now!"

Jen spots the case and pulls it out from under the table, running out of the ship. Lucas gets out of his seat and follows. Trip grabs Katie where she still sits and pulls her up, "Come on! Let's go!"

They all run out of the timeship and it explodes, sending them all flying. They hit the ground hard and the debris flies all over.

Katie gets up and goes over to trip, saying, "Thanks. We were almost history."

Circuit comes flying down and lands on the sand, "Yes you were. But luckily my Circuit-circuits weren't damaged in the crash, and I woke you just in time."

Lucas is looking around, "I wonder where we are."

Circuit continues as Jen runs up to the case containing the morphers and looks inside, "I can tell you exactly where we are. We’re just northwest of a city called Silver Hills, in the year 2001."

"Two thousand one?" asks Katie, "We've gotta get back!" Trip nods in agreement.

Jen comes over, stating, "We're not going anywhere. It’s our fault Ransik is loose." She opens the case and hands them each a morpher, "We're not going back until we capture him."

Trip looks at the morpher, then at Jen, "But Jen . . . " Jen looks at him. "He already beat us once."

"True," Jen replies. "But that was before we had these Chrono-morphers." She takes hers out, tossing the case aside, and places it on her wrist. A wave passes over her and a voice says, "DNA locked."

The others look at theirs, and Trip and Katie turn to Lucas, who nods. They put on their morphers and the same thing happens. Jen looks at them determinedly, "Let's go."



The four of them walk down the plaza, cleaned up now, hair and make-up done. They stop together and Jen speaks, "They're bound to be around here. Go to scan mode." She presses something behind her ear and a pair of sunglasses appears. The others do the same, causing the people around them to stare in surprise. They all stand back to back to back and Jen says, "Let's go."


They each go their separate ways and scan the area. Lucas reports back, "There's nothing abnormal here, Jen."

A man walks up to a motorcycle, carrying his helmet, and swings his leg up on it smoothly. He is dressed in khakis and a black leather jacket, and we will soon come to know him as Wesley Collins. He puts on his helmet and flips his keys, dropping them on the ground. He leans over to pick them up as Jen walks by, and she runs into him. He grunts--- though I'm sure it hurt her more than him--- and she turns, saying, "Excuse me."

"Sorry about that," he replies, and turns away.

Jen continues, but then turns back, recognizing the voice. But Wes is already driving away. Jen shakes her head and continues on.


A jeweler is putting a bracelet on the wrist of Nadira, obviously unaware of who she is. He puts his hands together as she surveys all the ones on her wrist, saying, "I'll take them all."

"Wonderful," he says with a smile, "Will you be paying with cash or credit?"

"How about . . ." she begins, taking something out of her purse, "Nuts and bolts?" She tosses them on the ground and they transform into many cyclobots. She rips off her clothes and back into her white, laughing. The jeweler screams and runs off as the cyclobots trash the store.

People run everywhere and the police cars come through the streets. The cyclobots climb all over them and trash everything in sight.

Trip sees the people running and scans them, shaking his head. He speaks into his morpher, "Jen, I'm picking up mutant DNA."

Jen's image appears on the morpher, "I see it too. Let's go."

Katie and Lucas nod to each other and start off. Nadira and Gluto walk through the plaza with the cyclobots. Gluto exclaims, "Nadira, you're gorgeous!"

"Huh! I know, Gluto," she replies, "But feel free to remind me as often as you like."

The four officers come running through. Jen pushes past a civilian, exclaiming, "Go!" and stops before Nadira, "Stop right there!" She points to her, "Shopping spree's over, Nadira!"

Nadira looks at them in disbelief, "You? Here?"

Jen looks at her coldly, "There's nowhere to run this time."

"I have no intention of running!" Nadira replies.

Jen holds up her morpher, "Ready?" Each of the others does the same and they all shout, "Time for, Time Force!" But nothing happens.



Nadira watches them, and Gluto asks, "Are we supposed to be scared now?"

Lucas presses his morpher a few times, "Why aren't they working?"

Jen looks at them, "I don't know."

Nadira laughs, clapping her hands, "Well, that was impressive! Not! Cyclobots, get them."

The cyclobots charge and the fight begins. Lucas does a forward roll out of the way and kicks one, bracing his hands on one and taking down another. Katie throws one aside and blocks a blow from another. Trip hits one and jumps to avoid the others, and they aren't doing so bad.

But then three grab Lucas and two Katie. She kicks one away but gets punched in the stomach, Trip falls to the ground and cyclobots surround him. Jen runs after Nadira, who trots up some steps, laughing, "Come on."

Jen stops and then runs at Nadira, kicking her, then throws a punch. But all the blows are blocked. Nadira kicks Jen in the stomach and she doubles over. Jen ducks another kick and punches at her again. Nadira grabs Jen's arm and twists it, holding her there, but Jen kicks her in the back of the knee and she let's go.

Jen cartwheels out of the way and regains her ground. But Nadira runs at her and kicks her in the mid-section, sending her flying into a plastic table and to the ground. Two cyclobots grab her arms and pick her up. Nadira orders "Finish her off." Then she turns and walks off, disappearing in a blast of pink.

Jen tries to fight off the cyclobots but one knees her, and the other kicks her stomach, sending her against the wall. She groans and holds her stomach, then glares up at them as they raise their weapons.

A motorcycle races past her, and the driver kicks a cyclobot out of the way. He halts his bike and gets off, kicking and punching the cyclobots, while avoiding their every blow. Jen watches quietly as he fights, perhaps recognizing him from the plaza, or maybe noticing some more resemblances to her fiance. He flips a cyclobot to the ground and the other grabs him from behind. He elbows it, and then sends it crashing into another table.

He turns and walks over to Jen. She tries to walk past him but he stops her, asking, "Are you okay?" he takes off his helmet, "What was that all about?"

Jen looks at him quietly, her eyes filled with tears as she sees Alex's face. She puts her hands over her mouth and the camera pans around to show Wes's face. He frowns, "Whoa, what's the matter? You look like you've just seen a ghost."

Jen uncovers her mouth and stares at him, all she manages to say is, "I---"


Wes looks thoroughly confused, but then the others come running up. Katie calls, "Jen!" and goes over to her, asking, "Are you---" then she turns to face Wes, noticing his looks.

Trip looks up at him and smiles, saying, "Wow!" Lucas says quietly, "It's unbelievable."

"Wha---?" asks Wes, smiling a little. Katie reaches up and pinches his cheeks, "He looks just like Alex!"

Wes removes her hands with a laugh, "Who's Alex?" He looks to Jen.

Jen grabs Katie and pulls her away, "Nobody. Thank you for helping me but I'm fine now."

Wes looks at each of them, and then shrugs, "Okay. It's been a blast but I gotta jam." He picks up his helmet, "See ya." He walks away.

Katie steps forward, beginning, "But--" Jen grabs her and holds her back, and they all watch as Wes drives away.


The outside of a side street is shown, and then the inside, where the four sit among crates and boxes. Circuit speaks, "Hey guys, I've discovered the problem! It looks like the red chrono-morpher's the key to the others."

Trip nods, standing up, "Which means, until someone morphs with it, the others can't be activated. But it's encoded with . . . Alex's DNA. So we have to find someone who's DNA matches Alex's."

Katie speaks, "Well, hey what about that guy on the motorcycle? I mean, you saw how much he looked like Alex."

Jen stands, "No. I don't think it's a good idea."

Lucas looks at her, "It might be our only chance, Jen."


The outside of a huge house is shown, circular driveway, lawn neatly mown and bushes trimmed. Inside, Wes tastes some food on the kitchen counter. A maid walks by with a turkey (chicken?) and he sniffs it, and then moves on to a more tasty meal. A man carries a cake in and places it on the counter. Wes puts his hands on his hips, then walks over, sticking a finger in the icing and tasting it. The man looks at him, "hey, hey, hey! Get out of that!"

"But I'm so hungry!" he complains.

"You're always so hungry," he retorts.

Wes laughs and walks off. Another servant, whom we will all come to know as Phillips, comes out of another room, carrying two suits, "Master Wes, you must get ready." he holds up the suits, "Which one would you like to wear?"

Wes pauses, "Hmm.... how about . . . neither?" he turns, walking away, "These meetings are so boring!"

Phillips follows him closely, "That why they're called board meetings."

Wes enters another room, tossing an apple up and down. Then he stops as he sees Jen sitting by the wall. She stands and he turns to Phillips, "What is she doing here?"

"Oh, she's been waiting for you," says Phillips, "She says it's very important."

Wes puts the apple in his pocket and steps toward Jen. But then his father, Mr. Collins, enters from another room, saying, "You're not going to be late, are you Wesley? You know how I feel about punctuality." he walks to the staircase and takes his coat from a servant.

Wes clears his throat, then straightens his tie, "Actually Dad, I can't go." He looks over at Jen, "I have a date!"

"A date?" asks Mr. Collins.

Wes goes over to Jen, "Yes, this is my . . . friend." he takes Jen's arm and leads her over to his dad.

Jen pulls away but nods to Mr. Collins, "Uh, I'm Jen."

Mr. Collins looks her up and down before stating, "Charmed."

Wes continues, "And you always told me to keep my commitments. So I told . . ." he wanders off.

"Jen," Jen reminds him.

"Jen," he repeats, "That I would take her out." Mr. Collins nods but he isn't buying it. Wes chuckles a little and turns to Jen, "Shall we?" he grabs her hand and they head out the door. Wes closes it, "Bye Dad," he laughs, before shutting the door.

Mr. Collins waves a little, and then turns to look at Phillips, who offers no explanation.

Wes and Jen walk briskly down the sidewalk, and finally slow down a little. He stops when he gets to his bike and slaps her shoulder, "Thanks. Now were even." he goes to his bike, picking up his helmet.

Jen looks at him, "Wait a sec, I need to talk to you."

Wes gets on his bike, "Look, you don’t have to thank me again. Actually it was kinda fun." He reaches for his keys but Jen takes them out of the ignition, holding them out of his reach, "Hey, gimmee those!"

Jen doesn't. "Not until you listen to me. Look, I didn't come here to thank you. I need your help."

"Help?" he asks, "What kind of help?" he folds his arms and licks his lips--- a habit Wes seems to have throughout the series.


Jen pauses, then brings out the morpher, trying to put it on his wrist, "I need you to put on this morpher and activate it."

Wes pulls away, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Now what's a morpher?"

"If I told you, you wouldn’t' believe me," she replies.

"Try me," he says.

"All right," she agrees. She takes a breath and turns away, walking back, "My friends and I are from the year 3000. We're trying to recapture a gang of mutants that escaped through time and take them back with us." She turns and looks at him, "We think you may be the only one that can unlock these morphers so we can defeat them."

Wes smiles a little, "I believe you." Jen starts to smile, but he continues, "Whoa, whoa, I believe you're nuts! Now give me back my keys."

Her smile fades and is replaced with a look of anger as she throws his keys at him, "I knew you wouldn't help us! You are nothing like him!" She walks away but her morpher sounds and she stops to answer it.

Trip appears, "Jen, Ransik has been spotted in the city. We need you."

"On my way," she replies, and then runs off. Wes watches her go, then looks away, taking a small breath."


People run like crazy as Ransik and the others walk down the street, wreaking havoc. "This is great!" Ransik exclaims.

Jen comes running up and the others run to meet her. Katie asks, "Did you find him?"

"Yeah," Jen replies, "But he's worthless."

"Then we've gotta do it on our own," says Lucas.

Jen nods, "Let's go."

They all run off to where Ransik and Nadira stand, "The party's over!" Jen shouts. Ransik's smile fades as he sees them. Jen takes off her badge and holds it out, shouting, "Time Force! You're under arrest, Ransik."

Ransik regains himself, and knows just where to hit, "Oh bravo, young lady," he says easily. "After what happened to your friend I am impressed that you had the courage to follow me!"

Jen's hand wavers and her stern expression softens as Ransik speaks. He plants his foot on a large rock and draws out the sword from his knee slowly, then fires a blast at them. They all fly backwards and Ransik laughs.

They all lie on the ground moaning in pain, and Ransik comes over, sword still in hand, "Still upset about your fiancÚ’s untimely demise?" he reaches down and grabs Jen by the arm, pulling her to her feet and looking at her carefully, "His fate will be your own." he laughs and throws her into the air.

She flies back with a yell, but Wes steps on the hood of a car and jumps up, catching her in mid-air and landing hard against the car. He laughs a little and looks at her, "So is it too late to help?"


Jen stands up as the others come over, and she hands Wes the morpher, saying, "It's yours."

He smiles a little and takes it, slapping it to his wrist with a whoop. The wave goes over him and the voice says, "DNA confirmed." they each put a fist in and their morphers glow with their colors. Then they approach Nadira and Ransik.

Nadira looks at Wes, puzzled, and goes over to Ransik, "Daddy, didn't you already get rid of him?"


Ransik points at Wes, "I destroyed you once." he clenches his fist, "And I'll destroy you again."

Wes frowns and looks at Jen, "What is he talking about?"

She doesn't look at him as she says coldly, "It doesn't concern you." She holds up her fist, "Ready?"

"Ready," they all reply.

They morph, stating, "Time For, Time Force." Theme music plays and each of their morphing sequences are shown, then different angles of them each, morphed.

Wes feels his helmet and suit, exclaiming, "Wow! You were telling me the truth!"

Lucas looks down at himself, "Amazing."

"Awesome!" says Katie, clenching her fists in excitement.

"Yeah!" shouts Trip.

Jen states, "Let's do it," with no enthusiasm.

Ransik watches them in disbelief, "Time Force rangers?" Nadira gives an exclamation of anger.

Jen steps forward, "This time you won't get away, Ransik."

"Ha!" Ransik says, "We'll see about that. Cyclobots!"

The cyclobots ready themselves and their weapons, and fire numerously at the rangers. The four Time Force officers avoid the shots by many Matrix-like twists and bends, but the red ranger is struck repeatedly. He grunts and falls to the ground.

Jen looks at him, "Don't worry, your suit protects you."

Wes hops up; saying, "This keeps getting better!" he runs at the cyclobots and begins to fight them. He blocks one blow, grabbing one of their arms and back-kicking another. He elbows one in the gut, then spins around and delivers a kick to the mid-section of another.

Trip rolls over the hood of a car and dodges a few blows by the cyclobots. He opens the door of the car, blocking off one of his assailants, and continues on.

Katie grabs a cyclobot and punches it in the stomach, sending it flying. She ducks a blow from one, hitting it in the back, and it crashes against the wall. Another comes at her and she grabs it, kneeing it in the stomach and then kicking it away.

Lucas delivers a kick to a cyclobot, then sweeps his leg on the ground and trips another, repeating the sequence smoothly.

Jen dodges a few blows, then elbows a cyclobot, jumping off the ground and flipping in the air numerously, landing on her feet and going right into a back flip, then kicking a cyclobots legs from under it.

Circuit comes flying in, and perches on a stone, saying, "Rangers what are you waiting for? Use your weapons!"

"Good idea," says Wes as lights start to flash on his helmet. "Here goes nothing." He presses a button on his morpher and shouts, "Chrono-saber, red!" The weapon appears.

"Crono-saber pink!" Jen shouts.

"Chrono-saber blue!" says Lucas.

Katie carries a different weapon, something like a small cannon, and she shouts, "V-4!"

Trip has a similar one and shouts, "V-3!"

Wes flies through he air lightly and begins to slaughter the enemy. The others do the same in a fight sequence that is nearly impossible to explain. Ransik watches them annihilate his cyclobots and turns away, walking off. He disappears.

Jen reaches out an arm and shouts, "No!" as she watches Ransik. She fights off the cyclobots but Gluto plants a kick to her stomach, sending her staggering back. "Gotcha!" he says. Air comes out of his butt, lifting him off the ground. He flies at her, hitting her, but she recovers quickly and jumps up, kicking him in mid-air. She keeps kicking him, forcing him back, and he lands in some barrels.

Jen watches him, then is alerted by a sound. She looks up but not in time. Frax shoots her with his missile/hand and she goes flying, twisting in the air and landing on her feet.

Frax laughs, "It seems we've got you outnumbered, pinkie!"

The others appear at her side and Wes shouts, "You need to learn how to count, Goldie!" (Very funny, Wes, really).

Nadira laughs sarcastically and Jen leaps into the air, shouting, "Time Strike!" They are hit with the bolts from her Chrono-saber, and she lands on her feet once again. They all turn around as a huge explosion occurs behind them.

Gluto lies on the ground, saying, "Somebody roll me over."

Frax is on his feet and Nadira on the ground. She glares at the rangers coldly.

Jen points at them, "Do you surrender?"

Nadira is on her feet, "No way. My daddy will beat you."

Gluto is also on his feet, "I've had enough humiliation for one day. Frax!"

"Transporting now," says the robot. He presses a button on his wrist and they all disappear.

The rangers run up but are too late. Wes exclaims in frustration, "They got away!"

Jen turns around, "This isn’t over yet, Ransik."

The scene fades out, then fades back again to the rangers, still morphed and celebrating on the street. Katie whoops in joy, Trip exclaims, "Good job!" and they hug Wes and slap shoulders, etc. Wes spins around in glee, shouting, "I love this, yeah!"

Jen looks at the other three, "Ready guys?"

They all press their morphers and say "Power Down." They demorph.

Wes turns around, "Unbelievable!" He presses his morpher and demorphs, exclaiming, "That was great!" Trip and Katie laugh with him, and he continues, "I must have taken on a dozen of those--- tin heads. And you guys--- man oh man, you guys are awesome!" He looks over at Lucas, "Lucas! How many'd you get?"

Lucas stares at him silently, arms folded, and Wes waves a hand in front of his face, whistling. He shakes his head and laughs a little, turning to Jen.

Jen steps forward, saying, "This isn't a game, Wes! We're fighting for out future."

Wes looks at her, amused, "Okay! Lighten up! I'm just saying I can't wait to do it again!"



Jen shakes her head, "You won't get the chance to." She grabs his wrist and twists his arm, taking the morpher off.

He cries out a little and looks at her, "Hey!" He straightens and rubs his wrist, "What's the deal?"

Jen puts the morpher back on her belt, saying, "We needed you to unlock the morphers. And you did it." She walks back to the others, "We don't need your help anymore." Katie gives her a look, but she turns back to Wes, resolute.

Wes shakes his head, "Whatever." he turns and walks away.


The others watch him go, and Lucas comments to Jen, "He's a good fighter."

Jen looks at him, "We can get along just fine without him." She turns and walks away, through the burning rubble from their battle.

Lucas nods, saying, "You're right." he turns, following her as they walk one way, and Wes walks the other.


Thanks to Nak for some of these pics!