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Power Rangers Unlimited

The End of Time, Pt. 3

Power Rangers: Time Force
The End of Time, Pt. 3



Doomtron stands in the city, as vortexes open all over the sky, Ransik and Nadira watch on a screen in the prison ship as Wes fights the cyclobots. "Oh yes," Ransik whispers. Wes continues to fight bravely, and he's doing well, but the robots come endlessly.
The other four rangers run to the megazord and enter, working at the computers quickly. "Set time coordinates to the year 2001," Jen says.
"Coordinates locked," the computer says. "Prepare for time shift." The zord comes off the ground and starts to glow brightly.
Wes is not doing as well anymore, he gets hit in the chest repeatedly and falls to the ground, rolling and getting up quickly only to get blasted again.
"This is too easy!" Frax exclaims. "That silly ranger has no chance against the power of Ransik's robots!" Still more buildings are sucked into the sky. Wes fights off the robots still, alternating between doing well and nearly losing the battle. "Finish him off, now!" Frax orders.
A group of cyclobots aim their weapons at Wes, but they are distracted when a portal opens in the sky and the megazord comes through. "What?" Wes whispers.
"Cyclone defense!" calls a morphed Jen from inside the zord. The zord flies in a tight circle and sucks Doomtron into the middle, throwing it aside.
"No way!" Wes says quietly.


The four rangers run up quickly and begin to fight the cyclobots. Wes seems to get some renewed energy as he fights, and they all show off some pretty cool moves. They fight for a while, then Wes finishes off the rest of the robots with a blast from the air, using the Quantum Defender. He lands with a grunt and says, "Yes!"


The four approach him and he stops, saying, "Power Down." He does so, revealing a very bloody face and dirty clothes. They do the same and demorph, showing themselves to be in much better condition as they walk over to him. "Guys," Wes says quietly. "You came back!"


Lucas looks down at him. "You didn't think you could get rid of us that easily, did you?"
"I thought we agreed to stick together," Katie says.
"Yeah," says Wes. "But--"
Jen interrupts him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Wes. You're not the only one who can choose your own destiny. We all can."


"And we choose to stay and fight," Trip states.
Wes looks at each of them and they nod, smiling a little. He shrugs. "Okay." He puts an arm around Trip and pulls him close, then clasps hands with Lucas. "Okay," he repeats. "All right, listen up. I may know how we can save the city."


Ransik watches Frax on the screen as Doomtron lies still. "Frax!" he shouts. "Get up!"
Frax wakes with a cry. "Ransik! All systems are down!"
"Well get it working again!" Ransik leans on the table, watching, then turns and leaves.
Nadira follows him. "Daddy!" He stops and looks at her. "What if we stopped fighting? We have more than we'll ever need, we could leave right now." She smiles.


Ransik's voice is low. "We won't leave, until every human, is destroyed!"  He stalks off, leaving Nadira alone.
Gluto takes out a cryogenic container. "That's it, too much for me. I'm outta here!" He presses some buttons on the computer and steps into the chamber. "It's the deep freeze for me until this one's over!" The door slides shut, then opens again to reveal a frozen Gluto in containment.
Back in Doomtron, Frax is shouting, "I order you to get up! We must carry out our mission!" He works at the controls. "Ransik must win!"
Trip is reprogramming the Quantum Defender and speaking to Wes. "You've only got one chance. You gotta fire a concentrated beam right at the Q-Rex." He finishes and hands it to Wes. "Okay. I've adjusted the laser, it should have enough power to deneutralize the crystal."



Wes takes the Quantum Defender and holds it up, staring at it a moment, then he looks up as Doomtron approaches again. "Come on, let's go!" They all run to a clearing and he shouts, "Ready?"
They all raise their morphers in answer and together they shout, "Time for, Time Force!"


Jen steps up to Wes. "All right, Wes. You ready?"
He puts a hand on her shoulder. "You bet." He speaks into the Quantum Morpher. "Q-Rex, arise!"
The Q-Rex does so and Jen calls, "Time Force Megazord, jet mode!" It appears and they all jump in. "All right," she says. "Megazord, Mode Red." It transforms.
Wes takes out the Quantum Defender. "I hope this works," he says, aiming it at the Q-Rex and firing.
The TF Megazord fights off Doomtron and Frax boasts, "Your megazords are no match for the power of the Doomtron!"
"He's too strong!" Trip shouts. "We can't hold on!"
"We have to," Jen says. "Wes needs more time, and we've got to give it to him."
Another vortex opens as Wes continues firing. "We're almost there!" he says. "Come on!" The crystal in the Q-Rex changes from a yellow to a blue color and he exclaims, "That did it! All right!" He jumps atop the Q-Rex and speaks to the others through his chrono-morpher. "Guys, I've got the Q-Rex back with us."
"Way to go, Wes!" Jen shouts.
"One megazord or ten," says Frax. "I'll destroy them all!"
Wes clenches his fist. "I wouldn't bet on it, Frax. Q-Rex, full power to lasers! Fire!" He fires the Quantum Defender as the Q-Rex fires lasers and they hit Doomtron.
"No!" Frax screams as the Trixyrium Crystal explodes, then Doomtron itself.
The vortexes all close slowly and the rangers look around. "Look," Katie says. "The vortexes are all closing."
"We did it!" Wes shouts, laughing a little.
The rangers all celebrate and Trip exclaims, "That was so cool!"
"Yeah! Good job, Q-Rex!" Wes shouts.
Frax is lying in a pile of debris, electricity crackling over him and many parts missing. Ransik comes over, Nadira behind him, and he kicks Frax. "Worthless robot! Look what you've done to my Doomtron!"
Frax lets out a short cry and then his face falls apart and he is gone, collapsing limply. Nadira bursts into tears and falls to the ground beside him, crying, "Frax! Frax!"


Ransik grabs her arm and pulls her up. "Don't tell me you're crying over this ridiculous robot!"
"Daddy, he was once human!" she shouts. "How can you be so cruel?"


"Humans despise me," he says. He shoves her arm down. "I have nothing but hate, for all humans!"
"Someone has to stop the hatred!" she says.
He growls and pushes her to the ground. "Stop your babbling!"
Nadira cries hysterically as he storms away, then she stops as she hears a baby crying. She looks up to see a baby in a stroller, no one around for it. She gets up and picks him up. "It's okay," she says softly. "We'll find your mommy. We will." She looks around, patting him on the back gently and walking off.


Ransik walks through the rubble of the city and the five rangers approach on their cycles, stopping before him and getting off. "You might as well give up!" Wes says as they come forward.
"We're Time Force!" Katie shouts.
Jen takes out her badge and holds it up. "And you're under arrest, Ransik. You've got no one left to fight for you."


Ransik pulls the sword from his back with a yell. "I don't need anyone!" he shouts. "I'll destroy you myself!"


They all take their weapons out and run at him, and he sends blasts from his hand, causing huge explosions but not hurting the rangers. Nadira hears it and she runs into a warehouse with the baby.
Jen jumps and leaps at Ransik and he meets her in mid-air, hitting her in the midsection with his sword. She falls, landing on a van and rolling off to hit the ground, demorphing in pain. Ransik fights off the other four very impressively, none of them can land a blow.
Nadira walks through the warehouse quietly, holding the baby close, then she kneels as he starts crying. "Don't worry," she whispers. "We'll find her."
Ransik beats Lucas, hitting him a few times and throwing him in the air. He hits a stone bridge and cracks it good, landing on the hood of a car and demorphing.
"My turn!" Katie shouts, standing atop a car. "V-Weapon, fire!" She fires at Ransik but he dodges it and she hits Trip instead. Ransik leaps over to her and kicks the weapon from her hands, then kicks her and sends her sailing through the air, demorphing as she lands on the road.
"Katie, hold on!" Trip shouts. "I got him! Fire!" He shoots his V-Weapon but misses as Ransik jumps off the car. Ransik fires a huge blast causing a massive explosion and Trip flies back, hitting a tree and demorphing, electricity zapping him as he lays there.
Ransik laughs evily and walks forward, but is stopped as more shouts come, nearly hitting him. He turns to see Wes coming on his cycle. "Hold it right there!" Wes shouts.
Ransik fires a blast with his hands and Wes crashes, sliding on the ground and rolling to a stop. He stands. "That's it. Your time is up!" He makes a fist and calls his armor. "Red battle warrior!"
He transforms and runs at Ransik with his sword up. They lock swords and Wes breaks away, hitting Ransik in the chest. But Ransik grabs him and pulls him down to the ground. "No!" Wes shouts.


There is a series of huge explosions, and the rangers look up, saying as one, "Wes!"
The smoke clears and Wes demorphs completely, lying helplessly on the ground. Jen stands and tries to go to him, but collapses with a cry. Wes grabs his chest and looks almost in shock and Jen watches as Ransik stands behind him. His mask is gone, revealing his mutated face, and he screams in rage.



Jen takes a deep breath and stands, breathing heavily and holding her arm. Ransik watches her. "I've waited for this, for a long, long time."
Jen doesn't look scared. "My mission, is to bring you back," she says. "And I promise you, I've going to do it!"
"Don't make promises, you can't keep," he warns.


Jen looks around her teammates on the ground, and each one tries to get up to help her, but none can. She takes a breath and looks back at Ransik, challenging, "Come and get me!" She runs off and Ransik follows.


Wes reaches out a hand vainly to stop her, screaming, "Jen!" She looks back but keeps going, making her way into the warehouse.
Nadira is hiding behind some barrels and looks up as Jen enters, getting up and running off.
Ransik enters the building and looks for Jen quietly. He sees something white move and fires at it, seeing it fall amid a large explosion and fire all around. He laughs and starts forward. "I knew I'd get you."
Jen jumps behind him, weapon aimed. "Ransik!" He turns in surprise and she shoots him, sending him falling to the ground. She limps forward, blaster still raised.
Ransik coughs, then notices a familiar crying and looks over to see he has shot his daughter. "Nadira!" he calls, crawling forward and pulling her into his lap. "Nadira! Oh, oh what have I done?"


"Is he okay?" Nadira asks, looking down at the bundle in her arms,
Ransik looks at the baby. "Yes, Sweetheart. He's okay." The others come up behind Jen and she looks at them, unsure of what to do.
"How, Daddy?" Nadira cries. "How could you hate something, so beautiful?" She sobs quietly.
Ransik's voice was quiet. "My heart has, has been filled with hate for so long. That, nearly cost me the one person, I truly, truly love."
"Do you really love me, Daddy?" she asks.
He picks up her hand and kisses it. "More than life itself."
"Don't you see?" she asks. "Mutants can love too." The baby starts crying and she hands it to her father, who looks at it. "We're not so different from humans."
Ransik smiles at the baby, then at his daughter, putting a hand to her cheek gently. She nods at him and he nods back, then stands, handing the baby to Katie. She takes it and steps back warily.
"I'm ready," Ransik says, facing Jen. "To pay for what I've done." He holds out his hands.



They all stare at him in disbelief and doubt, and Wes places a hand on Jen's shoulder. Jen looks at him, then back at Ransik. She puts her blaster away and takes out a pair of handcuffs, securing them around Ransik's wrists and looking up at him quietly. He nods, then looks down at Nadira, who smiles. Jen doesn't look in the least bit happy or relieved.
On the beach where the timeship is, the rangers stand before Wes, Mr. Collins, Eric and a squad of Silver Guardians. It is time to say goodbye. Mr. Collins puts a hand on Wes' shoulder and nods, and Wes approaches the others.



He goes to Lucas first, offering a hand. Lucas shakes it and Wes says quietly, "Better take it easy on that racetrack, Lucas."
"Well," says Lucas. "At least now I have a driver's license." He sniffs a little and smiles, and Wes steps forward. They hug tightly and Lucas is about in tears as they pull away. He walks off and waves as he enters the timeship, dissappearing in a transporter beam.
Katie comes over and hugs Wes tightly. "Wes, you're the best!"
"Katie!" he gasps, trying to get free as she crushes his ribs. "Let go."


She pulls back. "I'm sorry," she cries.
Wes looks at her a moment, then pulls her close. "No, I'm sorry. I'm actually gonna miss your hugs." His voice breaks a little.


They stare at each other a moment and Wes takes a breath. Katie puts a hand on his arm. "Goodbye Wes."
Wes doesn't answer, he just watches her walk away, dissapearing in a beam of yellow.
Trip comes over and stands in front of him. "Trip. I know--" he breaks off, shaking his head.
"I know," Trip says. "I'm gonna miss you too." He laughs a little. "Can I-- can I keep my hat?"
Wes smiles a little. "Yeah."


They hug tightly and Wes clenches the back of Trip's shirt. As Trip walks away Circuit pops out of his backpack. "Bye Wes," he says sadly.
"You take care of Trip, Circuit," Wes says.
"Always have, always will," Circuit says as they dissapear.
Wes looks at Jen and takes a breath, then walks over to her. "I wish you could stay," he says quietly.
"Me too," she says. "But we both know I can't." She reaches into her pocket, taking out her Time Force badge and placing it in his hand. "I want you to have this, Wes. Don't ever forget me."


He shakes his head a little. "Never could."
She walks away and he stares after her, then she turns, running back to him and wrapping her arms around him tightly, crying into his shoulder.


Wes squeezes his eyes closed against the tears, then opens them as Jen pulls back slowly, looking him in the eyes.
"I should have told you this a long time ago," she says. "I love you."


"I love you too," Wes says. "I wish I could live another thousand years so we could be together again."
She steps forward and they hug again, then she pulls away, holding his hand until she can't anymore as she walks away, dissappearing.
Eric watches her, a small smile on his face, and he brings a hand up in a salute. "Salute!" he orders his men, and they do so as the timeship takes off and dissappears through the timehole.
Wes watches it until it is gone. "Take care," he whispers.
Mr. Collins comes over, taking off his jacket and putting a hand on Wes' shoulder, rubbing it gently. Wes looks at him, then they both stare at the sky. "You okay?" Mr. Collins asks.
"Yeah," Wes whispers.
"What now, son?" his father asks.


Wes looks up. "I don't know."
Mr. Collins waits a moment, then brings it up. "Well. I got a business proposition for you." Wes starts to protest and he cuts him off. "Now wait, wait, wait, wait." They start walking back to the guardians and he puts an arm arounf Wes. "Just hear me out, okay? I wanna make some changes in the Silver Guardians." Wes is quiet. "Listen to me. We will protect the entire city." They stop by Eric. "For free." Wes blinks, looking at Eric, then back at his father. "I need a good leader," Mr. Collins says. "What about it?"
Wes is quiet a moment, then nods. "I'll do it. But--" Mr. Collins laughs and Wes looks at Eric, putting a hand on his arm. "I want Eric, as my partner." Eric looks at Mr. Collins in surprise, then at Wes, who holds up a hand. "What do you say?"
Eric doesn't say anything, but he smiles and takes Wes' hand. Mr. Collins puts his hands on their shoulders. "Would have been my choice."



Wes looks at the badge in his hand. "Well," he looks at the other two. "I think the future, looks pretty bright."